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    So I still live with my folks and I've been having a lot of close calls lately. First I was in my room with my pants down and diapered on the bed trying to sleep when my youngest brother barges in. Kid doesn't understand the concept of knocking (naturally)

    Next was a day when the family was leaving the house so I decided to walk around the house in t-shirt and diaper when I suddenly hear the door open and my dad sees me running for my room!

    Finally a couple days ago me and my dad were tearing my room apart looking for something when he looked through one of my old backpacks where he found one of my "diaper art" drawings inside! I nearly had a heart attack then and there!

    Luckily and surprisingly, none of these lead to a big bust. My brother and Dad thought I was just in underwear and as for the drawing, he just put it back without a second thought, finding nothing strange about it. (The character did have most of her bottom half covered with a shirt so...)

    I'm really happy that it never clicked with any of them but am also kind of freaked. What if the next time I'm not so lucky? And if I do get caught, what then?

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    Well, if you do have the misfortune of being caught, your best choice is probably telling the truth. You could always say you've been wetting the bed or having other continence issues, but your parents would probably worry and want you to seek medical attention.

    Although frankly, if I was caught on this site or wearing my makeshift I don't know how I'd react. If I was wearing I'd probably try to brush it off as ''none of your business,'' but being caught here on the forums would be more difficult to explain (as well as if I was wearing a real diaper instead of a throw blanket.) I think the trick is to keep calm, if you do have to tell the truth, because if you make it sound like a big deal, the other person is going to think it's a big deal. How much you disclose is up to you. You may want to simply say you find diapers comfortable and/or arousing, and leave out the regression part (I see you have yourself listed as an adult baby as well as a diaper lover.) But if you would feel more comfortable being completely honest, that's OK too. (At least then if you get caught with a pacifier, etc. that's less explaining that has to be done.)

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