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Thread: the fascination has diminished

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    Default the fascination has diminished

    Is this normal? I like who I am. Is this normal for others also? Will the allure for diapers come back. Someone help please.

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    For me it tends to happen in waves. Some days all I can think about is being Padded, crinkly, and wetting my diapers; and other times I have no desire to wear diapers at all.

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    Will it come back? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    For me, the "allure for diapers” comes and goes. It is not so much because my interest level changes, but diapers are only one part of "me". Sometimes another part needs to be "in charge".

    I have had other interests that have been replaced by new interests.

    Bottom is entirely possible your fascination will not return, but it is also entirely possible it will. I just can't give you a definite answer.

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    Every time mine has faded it has come back. Like any other interest it waxes and wanes.

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    Like others have said, it waxes and wanes over time.

    For me, though, I've found that it has also steadily decreased over the past couple of years. These days, it's maybe once every month or two that I'll even feel like wearing, let alone actually put on a diaper. I can't even remember the last time I really felt the AB side of me, either. To be honest, there are some times when I actually miss it, and it'll feel like some part of me is dying. But, trying to force it brings on its own set of issues, too.

    I'd say just kinda go with the flow and see what happens.

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    This appears to be a phenomenon amongst DL folk. Much like the binge/purge cycle affects a lot of us, the general desire for diapers comes and goes in waves. Speaking from personal experience, I have 'normal' sexual phases, and then non-sexual diaper phases.

    Whenever I am going through a non-sexual diaper phrase, I am less interested in sex, woman, bondage and other things in that category, and instead I pursue the DL'ism in me a lot more.

    However the opposite works when I am in a 'normal' sexual phase, where I do not think about diapers as much and focus on more on mainstream sexual interests.

    These phases in my life last around 2/3 weeks each on a rotary basis. This is unique to me and many others, but I have never quite understood why. I suppose it's my brain telling me not to have too much of something. Everything in moderation.

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    Yes this is normal. There is the Binge and purge cycle aspect, but since I have gained self acceptance and set boundaries for myself that has be replaced with the want and need cycle. Now the control issues have come into play. I can see why some people post about exploring new areas and trying more stuff. But for me it has just become the self determination thing of do I or don't I wear. It is nice to be able to just make a choice now instead of the guilt and shame then purge stuff from the past.

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