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Thread: Waxing horror or blessing?

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    Default Waxing horror or blessing?

    I would like to find a way to be furless in my diaper area. I hate shaving it leaves stubble and i get ingrown hairs, ouch. This is a pain so was wondering if any Waxed or did something a bit more permanent , and what are the pros and cons?

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    I don't think you want to use waxing in the sensitive areas. It takes a little time but shaving usually works out to be the best. I heard that some have used laser but that can be expensive
    having it done.

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    I've had some parts waxed (not down there), extra bushy eyebrows, monobrow and it stings like hell for a while, but it takes a looong time for your hair to grow back (more than a year) it might be worth it, but I have quite a pelt and don't know if I could quite handle such a thing, shaving is definitely almost fruitless for me as well,

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    i don't find it necessary to clean shave. for me, getting the forrest cropped to a half an inch if possible is enough. some may not be comfortable using scissors down there though helps to use the smaller ones

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