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    I'm currently in Myrtle, and I feel incredibly little. It's strange because for the last week I've stepped out of the mindset but once I saw the ocean its like my mindset changed completely.

    But does anyone have any ideas in how I can appease my little side without setting off any alarms around others? I'm currently watching Tangled with Babi (my lovely lamb) outside listening to the ocean. So I feel good, but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas I hadn't thought of.


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    Oh....beach toys! I grew up on the Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights and Park, and I had all these cool beach toys like pail, shovel and sand tippler. There ought to be others, including squirt guns, etc. Don't forget to make a sand castle or two.

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    Yes, how could a little kid not have fun at the beach! Bring your shovel, pail and other beach toys, make sand castles, run around, go swimming, whatever your little self wants! If it's more of a rural beach and no one will be around (or at least no one you know) and you have the guts, you could even bring a paci! As far as clothes, it would be interesting to see how the general guideline for being little in public (little kid clothes, but not too blatant) could apply to the beach, with like swimming and stuff.

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    My daddy took me to the seaside once and I loved it! Sun, surf and snuggles!

    You can have lots of little fun without being too obvious. Splashing in the sea, building a sand castle, huuuuge ice creams, amusement arcades and so on. If it's a touristy place you can usually get away with more childish clothing than you normally could too (e.g. bright colours, picture t-shirts etc). Enjoy!

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    I went to the beach this summer with my Auntie, someone who doesn't know I'm little. Though she is a nursery school teacher :') We made epic sandcastles and paddled and looked in rock pools and drew pictures in the sand, it was amazing!!!

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