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Thread: Wouldn't been nice if the world agrees with ABDL

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    Default Wouldn't been nice if the world agrees with ABDL

    it would been nice if the whole world just new about ABDL Or Diaper Lover
    that mean we would wear one 24/7 around the street , have a dummy in our mouth chilling at the beach and our parents wouldn't care about us , Australians need to know more about it spread it across get more range of nappies / diapers for our size , I Wish People would wouldn't be selfish about it and other thing is we buy adult ones at the supermarket go to the cash Register to pay for them wouldn't the nerves and being secret just dissapeer also i hear people do school project over there (USA UK) for reviewing diapers enjoy life better i find every bloody day i go to the loo more then 5 times when i need to go i say i wish i had one on in my brain also enjoy ya day/or night 7:51am here in Australia
    so just hits the morning also voting for the prime minister to i would vote for the one if his was a ABDL

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    Well I would not vote for someone because they like one item that you do. It more on what topics they would fight for that would win my vote. If there was two people running for Prime Minister. One person for equal rights for everyone, or Fair healthcare, Workers Wages. The person who ABDL was for raising taxes on the lower cast people. No healthcare, Lower pay for workers. Who would you choice?

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    It Hard One To Vote all tho i would vote for the girls but the male might be the prime minister Click image for larger version. 

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    there are some advantages and disavange

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    Let it be known but not forced upon, let it be said but clearly. And in time, if they except us, then we can call ourselves free.

    ~Well I can dream, can't I.

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    yes we can all dream It would Be So Cool going to diaper university as i seen on other form

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