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Thread: Rocking Out With Leo

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    Default Rocking Out With Leo

    Who's a Legend in your books, and why? for me its Jimi

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    You are talented then what you give your self credit for

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    You can never deny that this band, especially Mr. Freddie Mercury, is legendary. I'm also posting this up because it is, or was depending on your time zone, that Freddie Mercury would be 67 would he be alive. I had a conversation with my mum and wondered, if he was alive, if Queen would still be together and what other songs we could have expected. Still, the songs and Freddie always live on in his fans, past, present and those to come.

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    Littleleo, you have a lot of talent in both airbrush and now electric guitar.

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    iron maiden.

    legend s of the best genre of music eva.

    everyone knows metal is the best genre of music nd those that disagree do so coz there jealous of metal.


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    I will add Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen to the list.

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    Wow. I literally can only hope to pull of that kind of talent some day dude.

    You've got a natural talent there Leo, don't let it go to waste my friend

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    What JoshE2810 and Strontium said. Best band ever! Long live Freddie!

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