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    I honestly have no clue how to embed a non-youtube video here. (Mods?) But here is one of the latest from FunnyOrDie, and it may make your Little smile a bit...or at least suggest that somewhere out there you might have a friend...

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    That was interesting, the WTF look on the guys face was priceless. Took it well though.

    Did you see the Rugrats one?

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    XD Matt parkman....From Heroes? No..ok (._.)

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    dafuq did I just watch?
    oh and the bartender looks like this girl I know at bike nite.....

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    Bartender is Janeane Garafalo, a very funny woman. As to the rest... funny or die is hit or miss anyway and humor is always an idiosyncratic thing. Personally I don't think this rates better than a 5.5/10, and that is for Garafalo and Greg Grunberg. The "babies" are a bit too much for me. They all overplay their roles. Still, it is interesting. :-)

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