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Thread: A helpful tip for ADISCers.

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    Default A helpful tip for ADISCers.

    A helpful hint if you live with family/friends.
    When you are on ADISC, it will go to the History panel. You may have annoying brothers, or nosy sisters. You may live with your mother/father/both. But, there is a problem with this mix. Your mom/dad/brother/sister may decide all of a sudden, to nose around your History. That would leave your AB/DL status at risk. That is why, If you follow these steps, you will be safer.
    1. Go to your history.
    2. Click, "Show all history"
    3. Right-click all ADISC info and select "Delete this" (Or if you want, just press "Forget this site" to remove all.)
    4. Get rid of the ADISC tabs open (If there are any) so that it dosen't reappear (Even if you pressed Forget this site.)

    If you live alone, well, better safe than sorry.
    Forgive me if I am wrong, It could say "Remove this". This is for Windows 7. I don't know about any other Windows type or Mac. Sorry. (Home version)
    And I accidentaly put this in the wrong Forum.

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    Some very good tips. But I don't have to worry none I am the only who ever uses my computer.

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    Even though I have my own tablet I always clear my history. I'm paranoid...

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    Good. Glad to hear you are both fine... in different ways...

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    Or you could do what I do: use Chrome and always, always go to ADISC on an incognito tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    Or you could do what I do: use Chrome and always, always go to ADISC on an incognito tab.
    I use chrome incognito too but on a chromebook which is also password protected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathcoreFTW View Post
    Incognito mode! :P
    I remember when I was starting out (as in finding out about abdl-ism for the first time), which was way back in '06. In the old days, before our computer became powerful enough for Chrome, Internet Explorer was king. This was a King who would willingly give up secrets...such as keywords marking the spot.

    Ah, I do love Chrome...

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    I live alone and I still use the incognito approach. I find it less troublesome to have my discipline on the front end and know that my machine is safe if a visitor needs to look something up for some reason.

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