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Thread: Finally! No more lurking!

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    Default Finally! No more lurking!

    G'day forum folks! My name's Logan, or Kurami if you'd like.

    I originally poked my nose into this forum a year or two back, but was too embarrassed about my writing to do a greeting post. So once I'd earned the charming lurker status, I pretty much disappeared. Until today! Yay!

    I guess I've always had a sort of diaper fascination, which is why I'm here to begin with. But I don't actually know why! I figure this is the place to figure that out, huh?

    But besides that bit, my main activity on this planet is music! I'm a multi-instrumental musician, and I love to play all styles. Anything from jazz to baroque, from gypsy to metal, and then back again. It's how I make my living, and it's what makes me feel alive. Well, along with traveling of course. But that just comes with the job description really. Exploring, and having a look around is always a fun time. As I type this, I'm actually headed into Pittsburgh, pretty much just to wander. And see if I can come across anything new.

    So, I'll go ahead and finish this up by saying: I'm glad to finally be a part of this forum for real finally. And here's to self discovery! Ciao.

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    Hello Logan and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative intro. I do not see any thing to be worried about in your writing.

    Again welcome and we will see you in the forums.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope we can help you figure out why you like diapers. Most AB/DLs are the way they are because of shortened or extended exposure to diapers. This can mean being potty trained early or late, or having a baby around in diapers.

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