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Thread: Is it just about the diaper?

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    Default Is it just about the diaper?

    I've been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks. What is it, exactly, that causes some people to have such an adverse reaction towards people who are ABDL? Is it just about the diaper? If we wore kiddish clothing but did not wear the diaper, would people be less freaked out? Is it the idea of not conforming to age norms?

    I think it's a mix of all of this but I just don't understand the ferociousness of some reactions. I haven't experienced them, but we've all seen them whenever some program exploits us on TV or something.

    Tell someone about another fetish you may like and at most, you get a raised eyebrow, at worst, an "eww" or "not my thing". At best, a new playmate. Tell them you like diapers and suddenly you're the strangest oddity on the planet.

    What are these people so terrified of?

    If I had to guess, it's a sense of anger that someone is defying their chronological age. Who are we to act out of accordance with how old we are? And what would happen to them if they ever felt the need to regress? That thought may very well terrify them. The diapers add the gross-out factor to their outrage.

    I can understand someeone being, meh, not for me. I don't get why some people become unhinged about it.
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    Even being IC I have run into some of the worst people on earth concerning diapers. Some people are very understanding others will make fun of you. This is the IC side of this

    Now taking into affect that I also like wearing them it can really get to some one who is hiding one thing and try to stay dry on the other hand. For me at times it was a no win thing.

    I think some of these people who are so disturbed might really have a diaper interest they are hiding.

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    People connect it to pedophilia when they see someone regressing being an adult baby.

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    Yeah, i think that even if they understood that it had nothing to do with children, they would be afraid that it would develop into pedophilia.

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    It doesn't surprise me in the least. We've got a perfect storm of elements that hit cultural hot buttons. On the sexual side, we've got an association with childish stuff, so easy leap to pedophilia. On the non-sexual side, we've got the difficulty in believing that it's not sexual in the first place (see pedophilia, above) and then bucking norms of behavior. For whatever reason, a lot of us behave like we don't have all our marbles when we get the chance. It's like we're choosing to be alzheimer's sufferers (complete with something like incontinence) and find that positive. Stress relief? People relieve stress by engaging in physical activity, reading books, watching movies and TV, having sex, etc. If you tell someone you can't de-stress without doing something so far out of the ordinary, they have good reason to wonder if there's something wrong. Even something as apparently simple as a non-sexual DL has a much closer association with bodily wastes than most people would find acceptable (presuming the DL uses the diapers, and most do).

    With all that said, I think these things can be explained or put into context (given time and interest) in a way that open-minded people can understand. I completely understand a gut reaction of "WTF?!?" If you tried to explain many of the things we do daily to an alien, you'd get the same reaction. For me, at least, that's part of the gift of being an ABDL. I'm sufficiently odd that I had to learn to look outside the box and be more objective about my behavior as well as that of others. I may not agree with someone who thinks we're sick freaks but I can see why they'd think so. We just have to be ready to explain it to those who want to understand. The rest will have to wait.

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    Hey buddy i think its just in the human DNA to attack some think that is not understood. Telling people you have to wear nappies for IC is a little different as people may be more understanding. But when telling people its for enjoyment people that are not into it see it as a wired Fetish and as nappies are most associated with children it can be a big problem for some one to understand. The fact is nappies are made for every one babys toddlers older children teen's and adults. My best friend was a little taken back when i told him but as soon as i explained it to him and told him about the comfort factor i get from nappies and being little he was really understanding and cool with it. Its all apart of being little for me no more no less. Hope all is well on your side of the playground Super Hugs your friend Leo

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    I think people find it offensive because as adults, we are generally supposed to act like adults. An outsider might believe that by acting like a baby we are trying to escape responsibility and thus, be lazy.

    And like the others have mentioned, people generally attack anything that is outside cultural norms. They think that if someone doesn't meet their standards of normalcy, there is obviously something wrong with him or her. They then focus on that strange quality, and tend to forget that the person is still a human being with other interests and abilities.

    I imagine the sanitary factor also plays a large role. Most people don't want to come into contact with bodily fluids, and the idea of sitting in one's urine or feces on purpose disgusts them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I think people find it offensive because as adults, we are generally supposed to act like adults. An outsider might believe that by acting like a baby we are trying to escape responsibility and thus, be lazy.
    This. I know when I turned 18 my mom said something like, "When are you going to stop watching shows about ponies? You're 18, that means you need to grow up.
    Plus, most people don't or won't enjoy the feeling of wetting a diaper, and think it odd that we(at least most of us) do.

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    I think that there comes a stigma with adults wearing diapers without a physical need to more so then childish clothing. i mean, clothing such as full body sleepers or footie pajamas in adult sizes have become increasingly popular, with big name shops selling them.

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