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    I guess this is my introduction, so here goes. I am a tall, shy, yet fun loving person. I do enjoy wearing diapers but i am not into age regression. My largest hobby is cards, i play pretty much every card game out their from yugioh and mtg to ers and bs, if you name it and it evolves cards i probably have played the game. I am going to school majoring in engine design and electrical engineering. I guess the thing i am looking for in this site are people like me that i can talk to and learn more about the diaper community. Thanks!

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    Heyla, Eviltuff
    What, may I ask, is ERS and BS? Also, care to share your thoughts on Legend of the Five Rings?
    No, this is definitely the place to get more information, our stated purpose is to be a SUPPORT community. My experience suggests the general tenor of conversation around here is more mature than elsewhere.

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    Ers is egyptian rat slap, its kinda like slap jack, and bs is a bluffing game, five rings is not my favorite game ever, i have played it a couple of times but never really got the hang of it.

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    L5R does take time to get the hang of. BS I know, although I prefer to use stercum, not as many people actually know the word.

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    BS is a really fun game. I remember playing a version of that when I was younger on neopets, not really knowing what it was. Played it several times later on with friends.

    Welcome to ADISC bud, we both new members. Cheers.

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