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    Well were to begin......well I got tattoos and piercings, a fan of the Mohawk and love me some video games. But in depth well I am a Navy Veteran, sail a bit around the world and traveled on my around to. I can be shy, but open up real quick. In bit of a pickle and hope to get some worldly advice and tips from the Great and Wise Ones out here, no need to be shy, feel free to ask what you wish and I shall answer. Hope to meet and have great times on here.

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    Heyla! You might be surprised at the number of vets floating around here: although given some of the stuff we've had to deal with, I think it makes some sense.

    You said you had a question, shoot.

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    Thanks for the Welcome. Heres my situation, I am slightly new to AB/DL, use yo have profiles in ABY and Rupadded, met a few people and that was it, well I told my Boyfriend about this part of my life and it went ok, thou he has never heard of AB/DL before. Told me he is ok with it, but not sure. Like he said I can wear but he wants no part in changing me as he said "I don't even like kids" but he has no out reach as to how to go about all this, I expected the worst to be honest, but I feel more uncomfortable than he does I guess. Like I kinda wish he would try to maybe at leasr change me at some point, but he made it very clear that it won't happen.I did tell him that I do appreciate that he said I could wear, but that at the end I would still feel alone in doing so cause I would be doing everything on my own, he said he couldn't wrap his mine on someone being a Baby. Any advice or direction I would greatly appreciate. I would like form him to see that its more of a connection, rather than just acting as a Baby you know what I mean. I told him I would never force this on him, but that it is an important part of my life as well. I just feel so lost and alone with it now.

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