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Thread: Best activities while padded

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    Question Best activities while padded

    There is a similar thread but dates back to 2011. Forgive me but I think if I am new there may be many new people as well. Hints what other opinions might there be?

    I heard video games being one of them. I thought about cleaning my apartment or sewing and being padded up best I can to go 12 hours strait on a sewing or cleaning without breaks.

    What do you guys like to do?

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    I didn't put in my whine thread about playing in bands, but playing music by myself now I don't miss having to stop in the middle of a hot session. In my case though almost everything is more enjoyable since my life isn't ruled by easy restroom access; ironically I noticeably have to 'go' less and when I do I don't have the urgency I once did

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    Sleeping. Napping. Snoozing. Oh, ummm, also watching movies. Working. Homework. Long car trips (Gas station restrooms = EEEW! ). Oh, Computer games!

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    I like to listen to music or work on my musik production

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    I like to play video games, coloring books, watch movies, and best of all play with my Legos. I also drink from my baby bottle just before I take a nap. Snuggle up in my blanket and my pacifier with me.

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    I wear 24/7 so for me it's everything.

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    Yep, gotta agree with the others... pretty much everything I do I'm wearing at the same time. Just doin life in a diaper!

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    I do everything from welding to running equipment on the property padded

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