I told my mother about how I overcame porn and fetish with diapers. I also told her about me and a pacifier. She knew I slept with a stuffed animal. Truth be told she was the one who gave me the idea back when I was getting psychiatry. It was amazing how easy it was and how accepting she was with it.

We talked about what I learned about AB/DL/IC. I made the joke about if I get incontinent it would not bother me much. Of course I may regret saying that when it happens. The good thing is I don have to cross that bridge until it gets here.

She just warned me not to do anything in public which I plan not to anyway. If I am traveling though I am not going to hide my stuffed animal and pacifier. I won tell anyone unless they are a friend and they ask point blank. I will also warn them that it is between me and God.

Any one else have a parent that knows?