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Thread: Hey everyone, I'm new~

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    Default Hey everyone, I'm new~

    Hello guys, I'm Little Z, and I've been aware of the ABDL community for a while now. I was always somewhat attracted to it but never had the guts to try it out myself until I met a guy irl who is an AB himself. Hopefully I'll get to meet some people here and learn some stuff while I'm at it :3

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    In an analysis of respondents to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey who chose "A gender not listed here", the majority of whom are genderqueer, it was found that Q3GNLH (Question 3 Gender Not Listed Here) respondents were 9% more likely to forgo healthcare due to fear of discrimination than the general sample (36% compared to 27%). 76% reported being unemployed, 90% had experienced anti-trans bias at work, and 43% had attempted suicide.[20]
    - says wiki, under the trrm "genderqueer.

    The upshot, it seems to me, is that in a support community is a very good place to be. You know, it seems being abdl carries with it a tendency to not fit society's norms and classifications... you will find here multi-species furs, trans people mtf & ftm) neopagans, hermaphrodites, asexuals and all kinds of rare variants among people.

    It would be really interesting to hear how you came to know the ab you met, without telling us personally identifying info about him, of course.

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    In the meantime Drawing, anime, otaku culture, psychology gives us several avenues to get to know you quite outside your sexuality and gender identity

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    You'll also get to meet dogboy. Oh wait, that's me....sigh. Anyway, welcome. Interesting that you were drawn into the lifestyle by meeting someone else who participates. Usually we explore this on our own, hiding it from everyone. Then later, we often try to find someone to share the experience, but your initiation is the reverse of that. Congrats for finding someone.

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    Thanks everyone for the welcomes ^^ I'm quite shy... both on and offline, so it's difficult for me to gather up the courage to talk unless someone approaches me first.

    I guess I feel pretty lucky for finding someone who's also in this lifestyle. We actually met each other through introduction by a mutual friend who thought we had a lot in common, and he was right, as we both opened up to each other rather quickly, eventually leading up to the discovery that we were both interested in this sort of thing ^^;;

    It basically went like: "I know it's weird but I've always been interested in trying out diapers..."

    "Oh really? I can give you one if you want."

    And he's sorta been my diaper provider ever since... Still haven't been brave enough to go out and buy diapers for myself, haha.

    As for the gender issues, I'd rather not go too in-depth about it just now, but under ideal circumstances I'd identify as a transgender FtM, but due to societal and family issues I'm most comfortable settling with "genderqueer," although it's really difficult to just slap labels on me like that. It's pretty complex, I'd have to say. xD

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    Oh, we quite understand, both the shyness (including online) and the hesitation to plunge right into the community. It's not like you see an ad for the nursery on main street and march right in to see what baby-printed diapers they currently feature, at sale prices, with a notice board behind the sales counter advertising when and where the next ab munch is taking place. Not in my backwater city at any rate.

    Well-told reply, also: answered the questions asked, without divulging anything you shouldn't, especially in the realms of what is an intensely private and personal concern. (PS baby print diapers don't get sold on main street anyway, and certainly not at sale prices.)

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    Im new Too


    that's like me i was glad i wasn't the only one out there


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