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Thread: Friend From Australia Vic

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    Cool Friend From Australia Vic

    Hello Everyone On
    Im from Australia enjoying time
    I have heaps of hobbies from enjoying time i study computers, got dj decks , Play Station 3, Also I Do Radio, i would like to become a computer Technician Also i been using computer since i was in diapers (all tho here we call them nappies) i very happy to share the world that i enjoy time beening on the net and getting to used to this site i would like to go over to the USA one day to see how cool USA is also i wish there was a Walmart here but on the other hand we do have one Costco store in Australia

    Enjoy ya time

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    Welcome to the site! No Walmart where you live? That's surprising! Anyway, enjoy your stay here on the forums.

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    We have Walmarts... you're not missing much. We have a Target too but again not worth the bother. I was born in the UK and spent a couple of years there in secondary school (high school.) I am familiar with "Nappies" - I wear Abena M4's usually and know how to pin a cloth one on myself. Just bought a new pack of pins for them for diaper-camp. which was a blast, by the way.

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    I wrote a thread about it here

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    Thanks Sounds Interesting

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    Welcome to the site... there a quite a few Melbourne peoples on this site.
    If your looking for nappy supplies there are nappyland stores over melbourne as well as a couple of other places.
    Feel free at add my skype which is on my profile


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