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Thread: Help me to change the world. X2

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    Default Help me to change the world. X2

    This is a second posting of my primary message.

    I make a post.... and it's met with... well... anger. hate. non-acceptance. This is a special video I made JUST FOR YOU.

    It's 7:14 AM. I have been awake a retarded amount of time.

    My hands? These are strong hands.
    (Never-ending story reference.)

    Please, Watch this video. Hear the message. I am here to help.


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    awwwwww * hugs * of course your special. everyone is special in their own way mitchey. you houldn't think that your not special ok.

    everyone has good days and bad days I guess.

    maybe the reason you don't have a huge amount of followers is because people that are not abdl or furs are not interested in it as it dosn't appeal to them. I think your heart is in the right place. I appreciate and understand what your trying to do.


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    This video contains months of planning. Months. It is A compilation of my hopes, thoughts, wishes, and dreams.

    ..... Is it perfect?


    But it is accurate to assume I see a bigger purpose to all scenes recorded months in advance.


    Uhhh..... like...


    ....."Diapers are cool."


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    hey mitchey thanks for adding me as a friend lol. I too wish for a future where us as abdls can go about our lies the same as everybody else and not have to worry about the stigma and ad press we as a community get.

    the problem in my eyes is that the world assumes that once your old enough to not wear diapers anymore then its weird to do so. but the simple answer to such a statement is what is normal ?

    would you like to be the same as everybody else ? or would you prefer to do what you think is right for you regardless of what other people will think of you because of it.

    if you told your friends for example if they couldn't accept you then there not really your friends. on the other hand if they dont neccasarily understand it but respect that its your choice to do what you do and that If it dosent affect them in any way then they should be able to leave it at just that.


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    As I said in private, well done. I hope it resonates.

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    “I make a post.... and it's met with... well... anger. hate. non-acceptance. This is a special video I made JUST FOR YOU.”

    I am very pleased with your message and your efforts. But ultimately what I think doesn’t matter. No matter what anyone says good or bad, you need to know in your heart that what your doing is the right thing. You are the right man for the job. Don’t let nay sayers discourage you. The old saying “you can’t make all the people happy all of the time” applies… You are one of the first people who is being open about being ABDL*. Simple fact: most ABDL*s are afraid to come out. What do scared people do? They react explosively. Internalized ABDL-phobia is the reality of the current generation. As a community we have made some strides towards acceptance. However, I know of some communities where coming out is strongly frowned upon, and members are banned on the spot if they compare being ABDL to being gay… Our community is still stuck in a miserable "pre-Stonewall" hole. On a postive note though, I found my local university’s PRIDE goup. We are inclusive to everyone. Age-nonconforming individuals are welcome. Being out yet treated like an equal, has been a powerful experience. I have realized that people’s perceptions about us are all our own construction. All that matters at the end of the day is what you think. You are beautiful and perfect exactly the way you are. If you want to be an out ABDL*, great! You will no doubt catch a lot of flack here, but it does not really matter. You are going to be one of the first penguins to jump in the water so to speak. Reality is the water is cold, and there are lots of predators. You have to steele yourself for the backlash. You are not alone though. Riley has jumped in too along with everybody else who has been on tv. There are a couple of people on youtube like me. Things will be amazing, but it will be a long road. I have your back.

    On the issue of people not seeing your video on youtube... I can't really say I pity you. It is your job to either cater your work to your audience or find an audience that will notice your work. And there is just the fact that youtube is youtube. Just because your videos are good does not mean people will watch them. It is just the nature of the beast.

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    To ensure the discussion doesn't get too scattered please keep everything in the original thread.

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