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    Hey guys got a question for you. My roommate is making a sort of adult baby blanket because she reallllyyyy likes them. A thought came up that maybe she could sell some, and she's cool with that if this one goes well. So just curious if anyone would be interested, and what you'd be willing to spend on something like that? Thanks guys

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    Already have one but I would consider a backup.

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    Lol that is funny. I make those too! I have not started to try and market them yet but I have a bunch of patterns for AB clothing I have designed some really neat blankets and I have one patter that is like the baby one where it has an animal head on it. I make the blankets that have silky on one side! I love them. I am thinking about starting web site and stuff once I get into my new place. But for baby sized blankets I charge at least ten for the smallest size I make and up to 20 for the biggest baby ones that I have so an adult one would be more depending on the size. Make sure that she charges enough other wise she will not make any money at it. I have a lot of experience sewing as that is kinda my side job from time to time. And you know that people usually go for quality over price. Mine are expensive but they last for so long. I love the one I made for myself it is just not big enough.

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    Well, i have a baby blanket, but it isn't an adult size. If she were able to make an adult size baby blanket that had tiger or lion cubs, or even better, lion king cubs, then i would pay quite a bit for it.

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    I wouldn't mine a baby size blanky:3 young at heart forever:3

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    I have 3 blankets that are super special to me and mine A little baby blanket, that is my blankie. He goes EVERYWHERE with me and is for snuggling. My fleece blanket that is an adult one from cosycamper, a present from my twin when she went to a festival last year. And a big purple fake fur blanket thats all toasty warm. I reaaalllllyy want a carebears quilt like blanket though. For snuggling and covering and using as a play mat ect. I would love it to be a proper AB one with my name on and stuff Just for my little side. Becasue all my blankets, even my blankie are actually for my normal self :')

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    Gackie! or that's what I remember calling it. was in my possession for years, then was replaced one day by mom, (the old one was truly ruined) I also remember two quilts that my Grandma made and gave to myself and my little brother, mine eventually fell apart after years and years of use, my brother hung his as a tapestry once he grew up, but it was destroyed in a fire (as well as most of the rest of his possessions) my present blankie is a simple baby blue comforter big enough for a twin bed, it has a waterproof core, with a washable outer covering. these days, I don't carry it around like I did with the first few blankies, but it certainly comes with me when I sleep elsewhere from my house, even camping.

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