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    I know this was asked last four years ago, but does anyone know of any stores in the Boston area that sell anything that crinkles? I ask because my wife has grown to accept fast and I'd like to have some physical source in addition to the internet as she's gone all crinkle or bust and in a pinch I don't want to go for anything cloth-backed unless I have to.

    I'll have a better idea of what I'm looking for specifically soon, crinkle-wise I've tried Tranquility ATN's and these odd blue Attends and I have an ABU Ultra sampler within sight so on sight alone I could toss Molicares and Abenas in there too. Thanks!

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    I know Colonial Medical in Nashua, NH has tranquility ATN's in stock that they sell. There used to be a place in wakefield that used to sell them as we'll but haven't been into that area for a while so I don't know if they are still available there or not.

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    Balboni's Drug Store Inc in Plymouth, MA sells ATNs and a few others. Always kept in stock too

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    You can get attends in Waltham at the Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center (577 Main St
    in Waltham) and you can get Molicares at Belmont Medical Supply Company (185 Belmont St in Belmont)

    The former is very crinkly, the latter is very thick (relatively speaking of course).

    Happy hunting


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    Colonial Medical in Nashua, NH has the medium atn for 11.00 a pack that is a good deal

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