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Thread: What is the most freakiest/random/spooky video you have ever saw?

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    Default What is the most freakiest/random/spooky video you have ever saw?

    For me it's this.

    You do not have to post a video.
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    Salad fingers rates pretty high.

    It's old, but even now it's pretty freaky.


    Also the "happy tree friends" stuff still nails me with the cringe factor. I'm usually pretty indifferent to gore (especially fictional) but some scenes from HTF are enough to make me actually stop the video.

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    I know this wouldn't really bother some people, but for me, this video is just really unsettling...

    Crooked Rot - YouTube

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    Thats is wired. Mine would be clowns Dam clowns

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    Salad fingers for me too... regret watching that.. incredibly... It literally still gives me nightmares... *shudders*

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    O.o.......... .... not anymore than i need nettle leaves.... XP

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    There are two that had impacts to me.

    The first is Hitchcocks' Psycho, the shower scene.

    The second was Shenandoah. The first time I saw it, I was in grade school. They played it on the last day of school, for the whole school. It is a good movie but when I saw the scene where the guy, I think it was Pat Wayne, gets stabbed while standing by the well. That was unexpected and shocking for a little one IRL to see.

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