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Thread: My Strange Fear and Fascination.

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    Default My Strange Fear and Fascination.

    Sometimes I feel like I am losing the "ABDL/Diaper lover" part of me, this generally comes for a month and than that part of my comes back stronger than ever. It scares me that sometimes for weeks or months I won't want to wear or color or have anything to do with the ABDL world but than it eventually comes back to be a part of me again

    any ideas why I might be fearing this loss or why I might even be feeling like I am "Losing" that side of me sometimes?

    anybody else have similar experiences I feel kind of alone in that aspect.

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    I think we have to take these things as they come or go. I would say my urges are more consistent but low level, like something that's going on just below the surface of a shallow pool (great, now I'm shallow). The urge may surface but rarely goes very deep. I did experience a roughly three month period some years back where it felt like it was entirely gone, which hasn't happened before or since. It was interesting and I tried to just let it go and if it returned (which it surely did), that was fine.

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