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Thread: i want to be able to wear 24/7 in public

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    Default i want to be able to wear 24/7 in public

    heya sorry if there is another one of these, I want to wear in public but don't know how to do it.

    let me elaborate a bit.

    I wer all the time indoors. but when im not wearing I find that my happiness drops a lot.

    my question is this :

    what is the best absorbant and yet most discreet diaper at the same time ?

    secondly can people really know if your wearing one ? or is it just a personel thing thinking they know that they know your wearing ?

    thanx the help

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    Utilize the "Search" function that Moo loves to index. You'll find countless threads detailing the difference between brands, pricing, thickness, discretion, even plastic quality.

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    thanx for the help eulogy.

    I like your avatar by the way.

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    The best diaper for you will depend on your body shape, finances, needs and location. I'd recommend having a look at what is available to you and then purchasing a few samples to test out. You can then make a decision based on that.

    It's doubtful that anyone is going to notice a diaper worn under normal clothing unless you're careless or very unlucky. The crinkle noise is a lot quieter than it seems and even if someone does spot something they'll likely suspect a medical need rather than the alternative.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    I'm IC and thus basically wear 24/7... well not exactly... during the day I mostly wear Incontinence Pads (Tena Comfort Plus or Super) & mesh pants... (or rather the tena stretch cotton pants)...
    At night I usually wear Attends M10 Regular... which seem to be sufficient for my needs... When I need more: Tena Slip Maxi.

    And during the day, when I know I need more "protection" (long car rides, less chances to change...) I usually opt for either an Attend M8 Regular or a Tena Slip Plus.

    With this, no one has EVER noticed my diapers / pads or my IC... unless I chose to tell.
    And I have no (very very very rarely) leaks.

    Most people here (on most ABDL forums) will recommend you to go with far thicker products - but honestly you don't NEED them to cope with IC.... and if it works being IC than it clearly should work if your NOT IC.

    Now what I do is simple: I go to the toilet regularly and VOID naturally, I don't let everything go in the diaper/pad (for various reasons,... amongst them: less changes, and I DO NOT like being in my own urine all day long).
    I watch what I drink and eat (stay away from too much coffee, avoid stuff like coke, alcohol...) and keep well hydrated with small quantities over short period of times..
    This way there's no way I'm producing vast quantities of urine... and thus my thin pads and "normal" diapers work just VERY WELL.
    Also this is more budget friendly.

    And it is my believe, that if you want to be discrete about it (ie. No one will know) and LOVE COMFORT (no chafing, no bulk between the legs, etc...) a thin product works best.
    You just need to know how.

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    Mr. Aurkarm wears 24/7 by choice, and has for years. He generally uses Abenas stuffed with baby diapers as soakers or, when they're actually available, Dry 24/7s. In my nearly five years with him, I've never seen anyone even so much as give him a second glance, let alone say anything. He says he's never had anyone comment or give him a bad time, either.

    Remember, people are generally polite enough that, even if they disapprove, they'll usually stay quiet. They might figure he legitimately needs diapers, but more likely is that no one will even realize it's a diaper. Even if someone pays enough attention, the most they'll figure is that he has a bigger butt than normal. Diapers are far enough away from the average person's thought process that they simply will never think of diapers in the first place.

    Based on that, the advice above is good. Sample various diapers, see what you like, what works for you, then go with it. I would assert that someone wearing by choice should choose a thicker diaper than someone IC in many cases, since the wetting patterns will be different and the ultimate goal is to avoid leaks. When I wear by choice, even if I try to "void naturally," I still flood way more than would someone with impaired control (based on my understanding). If I were to choose some discreet diaper, any discreetness I gained earlier in the day would be utterly destroyed once I wet and my pants were soaked.

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    Hey i think attends slip would be good as they are very discrete but yet Super absorbent. And the hole thing about people knowing your wearing Its all in your head. I would say tho i wear dark blues or black colored trousers as light colored trousers seem to out line the shape of the nappy more but there again i do wear thicker nappies so might just be me but though i would share any way. Good luck. Super Hugs Leo

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    Even the tena slip maxi's are quite discreet with the majority of the bulk being between your legs nobody has ever said anything to me when I'm all D'd up

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    I just started to wear the Goodnites and they are very comfortable and discrete even though I wear two at the same time. I have a pretty small waist though and even still they are just tight enough. The back rides low so no worries about it riding up back there, especially if I wear a belt. More discrete than the makeshift ones I used to make. They absorb pretty well too but I would recommend doubling up and putting some sort of slits or holes in the first one.

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    I wear in public and have only be seen/noticed by another DL, and she was wearing as well, We giggled about it and exchanged contact info.

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