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Thread: Question for the mummies here!

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    Question Question for the mummies here!

    I haven't had a chance to 'mother' anyone recently, and not in the mood to write stories, so thought I'd stop by here and read through some of the posts and ask a question in return:

    Do you ever see people on TV, in movies, characters in books, etc and immediately want to bath them, wrap them up in cotton wool, read them bed time stories, etc (all that fun stuff)? I've noticed I do this with random guys sometimes. Especially if I get that 'innocent' vibe from them. I will go through a stage of wondering what it would be like to be their mummy for the day. A few years ago it was Noah Wyle from ER (American hospital drama). Currently I'm stuck on Benedict Cumberbatch (the guy who plays Sherlock in the BBC series). I saw a photo of him looking all sweet and shy, staring down at his feet, and was instantly hooked!

    So do you have any favourites? Any celebs or characters that you would love to regress and take care of?

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    Miharu from Girls Bravo. sadly, she's not real.

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    I can totally relate to that. I have that instinct too, when I see a sweet, innocent, shy type of male character. I suppose I've had it a few times for female characters, too, to be perfectly honest. It's something to do with the certain behaviorisms I like. They almost beg to be nurtured and cared for. I've always had a thing for getting crushes on that type of personality though, in general, but I've been interested in AB stuff since I was a child myself, so there may be a connection there.

    Trying to think of certain characters, actors, who bring that out. Let's see. In my case, probably characters that are a bit awkward with their shyness, like Jesse Eisenberg as portrayed in Zombieland, or Michael Cera as portrayed in everything he's ever been in that I know of. I wanted to take care of Toby Maguire as he was in at least the first more unsure-of-himself part of Pleasantville. I wanted to nurture all four of the hobbits in LOTR, especially Pippin who was the most childlike and Frodo who was sick and getting damaged from the ring. Elijah Wood himself also plays a lot of that type of character in many things he's been in so he's another one. Um, during parts of Donnie Darko, but not every part, I wanted to comfort and care for Donnie (Jake Gyllenhal). I wanted to nurture Johnny Depp as portrayed in Sleepy Hollow, too, as he was going through such a rough time and so frightened of the situation.

    Most recently I had this urge with Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. The character goes through difficult times in this season and I many times just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him and nurture him back to comfort and safety. Though he's not portrayed as innocent, he's rather sweet in his own way and what he's been through has left him damaged.

    I'm just glad I'm not the only 'mommy' type of person who gets that way with more 'innocent' or naive fictional characters. Thanks for sharing, HouseGirl!

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    Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about Sleepy Hollow! Depp's character just begged to be mothered (I'm thinking specifically of that scene where he's in bed having nightmares, and hides behind a sheet when Christina Ricci walks in)!

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