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Thread: Fcn 2014 cancelled!!!!!!!!:(

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    Default Fcn 2014 cancelled!!!!!!!!:(

    The rumors are true There will be no more Furry Connection North. The con staff recently posted on the FCN website that they will no longer be doing the con.
    FCN has so far been my favorite convention and will be terribly missed by many.
    R.I.P. Furry Connection North.

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    Its always to bad when coins don't make it. Was it an attendance problem?

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    yeah, the con was getting too big and the costs of putting on the convention were getting too high for the budget.
    they originally only planned on doing it for 5 years and this year was the sixth year.
    on the positive side, Great lakes Fur Con is just starting up and will be in Grand rapids next february!
    its less than a hour drive from my house, so I wont bother getting a room. if anyone is going, they are more than welcome to stay with me if they don't want to pay for a room.

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    I saw that and immediately felt my heart drop. It was my first furry convention and the one that helped me embrace my furry-side and cease the denial. With luck, I'll be able to attend the one in the Grand Rapids area however I have to make a judgement call between a weekend full of gaiety and drinking with my fellow cabin-fevered northmen or head down south to bask in the above 0 temperatures of Grand Rapids enjoying the jocularities of fellow furs and friends alike.

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    Apparently some of the FCN board members want to revive it within the next couple years. It's not real clear what really happened, but there are claims that the other board members were asked and nobody wanted to take over for Gir, and other claims that Gir didn't ask anybody, he just claims he did. From what I've heard they want to have a one-day meet next year and see how it goes, and if it goes well enough they'll start over in 2015.

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