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Thread: On the other side of the world

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    Default On the other side of the world

    You know what grinds my gears, the fact that it is nearly impossible to get any AB/DL stuff in South Africa.

    Yeah sure, there is the internet and yes, you can get a lot of stuff there. But they need to ship it almost half way around the world and the shipping costs are extreme as a result.

    The other day I was on, to order the sample pack will cost me $16.95 (which is fine) and the shipping alone will cost me $48.94 (I know, its crazy right).

    Driving me nuts. Just sayin'

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    What about from mainland China? I heard the gov't subsidizes shipping to encourage exports. Any word on this ?

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    China would be a better option but you have to be careful there is no "catch 22" on the shipping. Overall it might be cheaper for the shipping but the supplier might jack up the price for the product. And you have to keep in mind that the shipping cost is to only get it to your country excluding state courier fees.

    The best way to go would be to buy in bulk, keep an eye out for specials or look on Ebay for free would wide shipping.

    These sites may be of interest:

    This one seems to be a little broken at the moment, but they claim to sell at factory prices:
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