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Thread: They Might Be Giants: works pertinant to abdl

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    Default They Might Be Giants: works pertinant to abdl

    I forget where but I heard this band is worth a closer look, and has a good chance of having made songs relevant to being abdl. Any TMBG fans out there who can direct us? Youtube links preferred. Thanks - I'm all ears

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    wow, I remember particle man.
    I'm interested in this topic.

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    I'm a HUGE TMBG fan, and I can point you to a couple records, favorite songs...

    First, in the late 80's and 90's TMBG was not entirely a band for kids, they still aren't, but they did have an awesome phase of playing childrens music. Their album "NO!" is awesome, with great songs like "John Lee Supertaster", "Robot Parade" and "Bed Bed Bed" The "Here Comes the [blank]" records are focused entirely towards children, with three total filling in the blank with 123s, ABCs and Science. There's still some pretty good songs on there, like "Roy G. Biv", but it's a bit too stimulating for sleepy baby time, better for groups and moving around time.

    If you want to dive into some of the best all-ages TMBG, get Flood, Factory Showroom, Lincoln, the compilation "Then: The Early Years" is also amazing, including some really cute songs like "She's an Angel" and "Hide away folk family" (or the self titled first album, which shares a few songs)

    TMBG goes great with being Little because their songs have a sense of manic creativity to them. From Don't Let's Start...

    The words I'm singing now
    Mean nothing more than meow to an animal
    Wake up and smell the cat food in your bank account
    But don't try to stop the tail that wags the hound

    They don't swear often, they bring up some dark subjects and pseudo-scary stuff, but it all is approached with this childish wit and wonder. They also did the theme songs for Malcolm in the Middle, have done a ton of kids shows, and any 20-something American kid that was raised on TV is going to remember the "Particle Man" and "Istanbul not Constantinople" from Tiny Toons. My favorite thing they've done is host a "Dial-a-Song" service in Brooklyn where you could call a number and hear a song. It's just so creative and neat

    Random Favorite TMBG songs? "Birdhouse in your Soul" is about electricity I think and it's really happy, I've heard this song more times than any other song ever probably. I love it. "Ana NG" is the most fun song to sing along to, and getting it right makes me really happy :P "New York City" is a cover of a Cub song, and is just magical. Plus, TMBG are from NYC, and Cub is from Canada, so they're covering a Canadian cuddlecore song about their city... A+

    They don't have any songs about diapers or anything, but they are one of my favorite bands as a little and as an adult.

    Also, if you haven't heard "Karen O. and The Kids", it's a good record that came out of that terrible "Where the Wild Things Are" movie. Karen O. is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who did this decidedly non-kid friendly song/video, "Y Control" (graphic violence, NSFL, do not click). I love it, that she can make something so brutal then make such a cute kids album.

    Hope you enjoy the songs!

    Edit: forgot about Dr. Worm! ~ and this video (though the sound is super low) features the artist Kaz, who was in magazines/media often when I was kid. Love it!
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    We Want a Rock. Song reminds me of a best friend I had who passed on, still brings a tear to my eye. This band really works the lines between playful and melancholy. I love music that has that dynamic.

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    Hey Riley, long time no see. Big/Little podcast got a recent thread to itself on
    adisc and the link in my sig features it too if you go there. Nice to see you again. I will give your suggestions a listen.
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