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Thread: so THAT was fun...

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    Default so THAT was fun...

    I've got one word for you guys:


    If you've had the vast pleasure of this little fun activity, you know what I'm talking about. If you have not, well, let me just say that on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is a weekend with Satan in the magma chamber of a volcano, and 10 is an all-expense paid week in the Presidential Suite of the cruise ship of my choice accompanied by George Clooney and Liam Neeson, both of whom have agreed to be my surrogate Daddies and my lovers, Urodynamics is somewhere between wrestling a hungry tiger for a piece of raw beef and impaling myself through the anus. In other words, a solid 1.8: physical and psychological torture of the highest degree.

    Even the presence of my gentle, calming doctor--who was not scheduled to do the test but happened to be in the vicinity and dropped in to help--didn't help much as first they catheterized me to drain things, then they pulled the cath, then they put it back in, then they connected me to all sorts of diodes and triodes and quadrodes (jk) and such so they could measure everything measurable about me, and then they started pumping in the water.

    Slowly, steadily they pumped water into my bladder, asking me to tell them when I first noticed the need to urinate. I don't know when the hell I noticed the need to urinate! But I said something anyway and they wrote something down, even though I told them I wasn't sure. And then they said to tell them when it was getting desperate. But before I knew it was getting desperate, I was leaking all over the place, all over their diodes and triodes, etc.

    It was clear from their reactions that this was not an expected thing, and I suddenly was feeling--in addition to highly uncomfortable--very abashed. But the nurse said it was OK, and the doctor was soothing as always, and then the nurse told me she could still get a good reading if she tried just letting it leak until I could stop it. So I kept trying to stop it. Kept trying so hard to stop it. So hard. But it just wouldn't stop! And I was crying, completely losing it, but she was saying calmly that I was doing fine, etc. But I had this damned catheter up inside of me and it hurt and I could not stop this flowing that clearly I was meant to be able to stop and I've never felt so vulnerable and helpless in my entire life. I've never felt the incontinence more, never felt more babyish in my inability to hold anything at all.

    When it finally stopped, she talked about trying to push out anything remaining to measure one last thing, but I knew--just knew--that there would be nothing remaining. It would not have stopped otherwise. And I was right: bone dry. She undid all of the various connections and then pulled out the catheters. (Did I mention that for some ungodly reason there were two of them? One in my bladder and one in my vagina? WHY???) And of course I nearly screamed. Then she left me alone to put my diaper and my clothing back on.

    My doctor said he had discovered a reason that I was incontinent and we'd talk about it when I see him again on the 11th. He did not say if he could do anything about it. We shall see.

    Meanwhile...I'm glad at least that Urodynamics is over and done with. Next time I think I'll see if they could settle for a simple mauling...

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    Yikes I say, YIKES

    I can't even begin to understand how horrible and invasive this must have been for you, the worst I've had so far is a rectal examination while I was practically passed out. I'm impressed you didn't up and leave when they explained the procedure but after all that, wasn't it worth it to finally have an answer ? albeit delayed to the 11th.

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    I don't know when...I went from stoic, and dutifully reporting to basically having this irrationally-emotional fear-reaction...

    But, I've managed to avoid the Urodynamics, and the 'lower' endoscopy... thus far and, if I make that sound like a good's not!...and we haven't even got around to the needles and knives...that are getting quite necessary for my neck...

    ICkaraokegirl, I shudder for you! But, I am glad that you got that part will have some kind of answer to go on shortly...

    Thank you for sharing!

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    are we by chance talking urinary fistula......

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    Hopefully the discussion to come is something more useful than "I don't know how to tell you this..... you're incontinent."

    Lodgewrecker's thought came to mind, although I have no vaginas or fistulas of my own (I read a lot, and lots of irrelevant stuff has stuck in my personal hard drive over the decades...). That would seem to be a bad thing but perhaps one that is relatively simple to fix. In other words, I hope it IS something relatively simple to fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    Urodynamics. In other words, a solid 1.8: physical and psychological torture of the highest degree.
    I've never heard of this term before. I'm sorry that you had to go through it.

    The only thing I have to compare is my experience of urinary torture in the hospital. I was 11 in 1972 and we had just moved to Northern Virginia. I came down with a "urinary infection" but the doctors seemed stumped on how to cure it. They did about every test imaginable over the 2-3 weeks there. (I later found out from my parents that they nixed a requested spinal tap procedure.) (Eventually, I just got better and was discharged.)

    Since they kept finding bacteria in the urine samples, they kept trying to get it in more sterile ways to factor out the possibility of contamination from the air while filling the cup. Eventually they wanted to go straight to the source (bladder) and use a catheter to get there. (That's my one and only catheter experience.) Since I had a urinary infection, my urethra was inflamed and, at least in 1972, they didn't have any lubricants that eliminated the friction as the tube moved slowly up my tube. For some reason, knocking me out or giving a pelvic area anesthetic wasn't an option. A long, slow, prolonged OUCH! while the male nurse made TWO attempts.

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    There is a name for all that? I went through it 5 years ago. being a bit bashful about people seeing my private parts, I was a little un-easy about walking around, Butt Naked from the waist down, with a nurse and Dr. in the room. Walking around in that room with a cath hanging out of me. Big Blushes

    Know the felling of needing to go right then an there. I to have the problem of not being able to stop the flow once it starts.

    Even thou they thought I had emptied my bladder I still wet a little when they pulled the cath out. They did have a pad under me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    are we by chance talking urinary fistula......
    Maybe they were concerned about that? But he did say something briefly that, because I was rather traumatized by the entire affair, I did not process, and that wasn't it. I'll just wait until next week and discover my fate.

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    I know exactly what you went through when they had mine the same thing happened. They were trying to see when my Bladder muscles indicated that it could feel my bladder filling. They had one cath in my bladder and the other in my rectum which is definitely more painful that the Vagina.( I know cause that is where they usually end up when trying to get my bladder.) But the test was awful and I peed ALLLLL over the floor and myself. It was not fun. I was mortified and what not. And the test was pointless cause it only showed them exactly what I told them was going on. The other test I had was worse though. They do something similar but they use a catheter and a scope. That is HORRIBLY painful. And they decided at the end of that test that they did not want to drain my bladder but instead do this test where they measure the Flow of urine as you pee. I dunno why they had to do that but it resulted me peeing all over the hallway of the doctors office in front of a ton of people and also resulted in wet clothes. They need to tell you to pack a diaper bag for these tests. I had four tests all done on the same day and my poor bladder was pissed. I can not actually feel my bladder but I can feel every other part of what is attached to the bladder...kidneys, urethra and ureter. And every other muscle connected to those things. I was in so much pain that it hurt to wear a diaper and I cried the entire 1 hour ride home. Oh and since those tests every time they cath me I have terrible pains and spasms and stuff. So yeah it sucks more than can be explained in words.

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    Default A good experience with a catheter

    I just had a similar experience with a Foley catheter. Last Monday I had a cystoscopy exam of the bladder for the urinary problems I have been experiencing. When I woke up I had a catheter in me. As I woke up from the anesthesia I was extremely uncomfortable with the catheter and wanted to rip it out. But the nurses convinced me instead to live with it for my own good and that ripping it out would injure my insides.

    I had the catheter for 8 days. I really began to like it. For the first time in 6 months I was not going to the bathroom 40 or more times a day. I also got a kick out of carrying the large over-night bag around full of urine. I did have problems with constipation and also my stomach do to the antibiotic I was taking.

    Now why I replied to this thread.

    I had the catheter removed yesterday at the doctors office by a nurse. She disconnected me and then added water into the hose to fill up the bladder in order to see if I could then expel the water to determine if I was working OK. As she was filling the bladder lodge-wrecker made a quip about people who enjoy having this done to them and about the people who enjoy doing it to them. This got a big smile from the nurse. She obviously knew exactly what lodge-wrecker was saying and probably enjoyed doing this to patients. All of this was going on as I laid on the table with my bladder filling up and feeling very uncomfortable. Leave it to lodge-wrecker to make a joke in all situations.

    Once I was full the nurse removed the catheter. I hardly felt a thing as it came out. The removal of the catheter was much easier then I was anticipating. The nurse then set up a potty chair with a measuring cup at the end of a funnel and had me sit down to expel the water. The nurse left the room and it was only me and lodge-wrecker. I immediately started to urinate. As I filled up the cup lodge-wrecker wanted to know whether I was producing a tall latte or a grande latte. After I finished urinating she kept wanting to know my latte size.

    Then the Urologist came in to see me. Right away lodge-wrecker had to share with her my latte size. For the first time in my several visits the Urologist smiled at the joke. Lodge-wrecker had finally cracked the stone exterior of the Urologist and made her seem human. This was a good move by lodge-wrecker to lighten up the situation.

    I really did not find my experience with the catheter to be troublesome or embarrassing. I actually enjoyed the overall experience. I even tolerated the removal of the catheter partly do to lodge-wrecker.

    By the way 36 hours after the removal of the catheter my urinary system has returned to its former self. I am doing so much better that it made the whole experience worth while.

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