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Thread: pubic hair shaving Opinions

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    Default pubic hair shaving Opinions

    I seen a lot of old threads of good advice but I am curios. How many of you shave to make diaper changing easier?

    I recently shaved before I gave up diapers for a while. This was part of it but a big part of it is because of credit. I should be able to wear again soon since I plan on paying it off really quick.

    In that time I am learning to shave and keep it down.

    Again this just your opinion thread I am reading the other threads on it and just for convenience I posted all the ones that came up in similar thread window. Edit if needed but do me the favor of letting me know if I am breaking a rule.

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    Diaper changing is just part of the reason for me. I just like being this way. Cuts down on the odor, especially during the summers here in the desert. I shave my face every other day and my chest, underarms, pelvis and around my .nus weekly. I usually do it Monday morning, before my shower, takes about 15 minutes to do it and then I'm good for the week.

    If you are new to it, be aware that there will be some irritation after each shave, for the first month or two. After that, your skin gets used to it. Make sure you use a clean, sharp blade each time or the amount of irritation will be larger. The other threads have lots of good tips.

    I just wish it didn't grow back so fast

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    I don't know how it affects diaper changing, but I'd imagine odor/mess wise, it makes things easier. I've shaved ALL body/pubic hair forever now.

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    I've been shaving down there for 20 years. When I started I wasn't wearing diapers. But it made it easy wiping with no hair in the crack to hold any traces of poop. Now wearing diapers
    it helps with cleanup and odor control. I shave every morning in the shower which takes care of it.

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    It certainly helps with odors, as your hair tends to absorb whatever mess you've made down there and wipes just don't cut it unless you're well shaven. For those of you with a sex life, I'm sure your partners get enjoyment from your lack of hair as well.

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    oh yeah, another reason I just thought of, is that it makes us guys look bigger down there (even though I don't have a problem...hah hah hah)

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    lol, "11hinzvic, cumming soon to Playgirl!" hahahahaha............

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    I can't vote yes

    I have EDS so I'll be damned if I'm going anywhere near my valueballs (pun) with any kind of sharp blade as I'll be leaking the red stuff within seconds. I have to resort to using round nose scissors to keep it under control.

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    Do I shave to make diaper changing easier? Yes, I do to cut down on the odor and rashes. I like how the diaper feels on me too.

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    I pref to shave, Ive tried depilatorys but none that seem to work right. I hate the stubble. and not sure I could handle waxing.

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