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Thread: Fall back diaper

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    Default Fall back diaper

    I was wondering does anyone have a fall back diaper they like. Bambinos are my favorite right above molicares but when I'm in between orders or low on money I always go back to depends maximum protection. Mostly because they are easy to get at the local store. Right now I'm in a certainty to see how I like them(so far nice buy haven't used it yet). What do you use when you don't have your favorite?

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    My fav is tena slip and my fall back diaper is prevail breezers

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    Abena. i can always count on them, and they are easy to get. =^.^=

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    I like depends max briefs and the silhouettes as my day time/ trainer.

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    If I don't have my two favorite diapers. I will go back to Abena. My favorites are the Bambino Bellissimo diapers and the Dry 24/7 diapers.

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    I can always wear my Dependeco AIO's for daytime as well as overnight to stretch out my Abena M3's. Although I prefer to wear two dispoables a day for daytime use.
    At the present time I'm waiting for XP Medical to get their Tena Slip Maxi's back in.

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    I've been going for Bellissimos lately, but I'm never disappointed with Abena, so they're my "Fall Back" if you will. They're also substantially cheaper here in Canada, considering most diapers are 20-30% higher, the more expensive they are in the US, the more here.

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    I wouldn't say I really have a fallback diaper, I just have my favorites for what I'm up to. If it's short term or needs to be less bulky, it's Depends. If it's around the house with a fair chance of going out, probably Unique Wellness. If I'm expecting to wear for a good while and will likely just be around the house, a Bambino of some kind will likely take the prize.

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    Hmm the ebena seems to be a favorite I'll have to give them a try next time I need to restock. I'm always looking to try new stuff

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    I really have a few fall back diapers, some for diffrent situation but mostly diapers that I am not too fond of that I bought out of impulse. For example if I want to wear a diaper for the feeling and not the look I will wear an adult diaper, if I want to wear something cute and cuddly maybe a ABU super dry. I mean most of my fall backs are because I am strange and buy out of impulse without thinking about things like "Will these work?" "Will I want to wear these alot?" it's not horrible just a waste of money :/


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