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Thread: Bambino blocking international costumers

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    Default Bambino blocking international costumers

    So, I just went on bambino to order some diapers to ship to my friend i am going to visit in October and find out that they are blocking me because I live outside the US. Bambino i know you don't ship outside the use but to completely block out international costumers all together is just plain dumb idea.

    I order and ship stuff from them within the US all the time for like when i go to cons or to my US mailing address and am sure others as well. Why would they do this now make no sense to me since they are now selling on amazon.

    I do have a US VPN so im going to try and make a order soon, if not i just going to have to stick with ABU or Aww so cute

    This is the page im getting when going to the site without my VPN

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    To help people who have problems like this out I just created a script for Hola Unblocker that will give you access. If you wish to use it You can download The Hola Unblocker at and use the link below to download the script that will allow you access to Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

    If you have problems with any other websites let me know (preferably by PM) and I will add it to the AB Store's scripts on Hola.

    How to use: After downloading Hola Unblocker, Download the script from the link below. It will automatically add it to your hola unblocker and upon visiting the site if it blocks you, click into your Hola Unblocker and turn it on.

    IF you need anything else let me know
    If you are ordering and want it shipped outside the united states there are also services you can register for that will give you an address to ship to and they will then ship it to you internationally. I do not have any of these services on hand but with a little searching I am sure you could find one, There are quite a few out there.
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    if your ordering Bellsimos they are out of stock till they get more around the 10th-13th.

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