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Thread: Christmas Wishlist

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    Arrow Christmas Wishlist

    Mine is Flip MinoHD, 2 more Xbox 360 controllers, Left 4 Dead for 360, Solar Style Chargers, Altec Lansing InMotion iM7, mp4 players, 1600MS points, Xbox Live Vision Cam, USB Fridge, REAL usb fan, Soundmatters foxL - Pocket Sized Music System, Messenger Kits, Nintendo DS games, Solio USB charger, Solio Car Charger, 20 inch Wide Screen LCD monitor, PSP slim, Various USB cables, Another back fan for Xbox 360, Sony Cybershot, Mirrors Edge for 360, Pure for 360, The Onion Books, Land Subscription in Second Life, More iPod Cables and so much more stuff I cant even remember.

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    A R4DS with a 2 gig microSD card.... for the homebrew games....

    haha, yeah right. I'll just pirate NDS games with it.
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    I wish for the ban of music scripts.

    Also, some Wii Points (about 5000), every Valve game except Left 4 Dead (I already have too many Valve games for the Complete Pack to be worth the money), and Garry's Mod.

    Other than that, I plan on saving some money for the DSi, and potentially a new computer next year.
    Take into account that I also get stuff for my birthday, on the 23.

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    I hope that I'll be getting a new iPod, that nano-chromatic one. And a pair of pants that have these huge chains on them; they're so cool, but kinda expensive.
    Other than that, I'd just like some money O:

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    Well since it is a christmas wish. I would finally like to be with my love and two other kind friends and be babied for the rest of my life. ^^

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    World Peace? Puppies for all? Free candy?

    Barring me becoming God, I wouldn't mind a laptop or a gift certificate to the local gun store. There's a SKS I've been looking at for some time now.

    I know, I'm so demanding.

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    Gah... this is what I sent my mom:

    1) 4th Gen iPod Nano, in Green or Pink, at least an 8G.

    2) A Tablet for my computer, they have one at Future Shop for $60.00

    3) A Gift certificate for Chapters, if not then:
    - 'The It Girl' Series by Cecily Von Ziegesar... Not the first 3 books.
    - The 'Gossip Girl' Series
    - 'The Clique' Series by Lisi Harrison
    - 'Bass Ackwards and Belly Up' by Megan Tingly
    - 'Change of Heart' by Jodi Picoult

    4) Makeup. Anabelle or MAC... Mascara Covergirl... Something Volumizing, but not Waterproof.

    5) Bath Sets.

    6) A matching purse and wallet set. A bag purse, not a purse-purse, and a bigger wallet than the one I've been using, with more card slots and room for change and bills. A blue, brown, or green colour. There is a nice pink purse at Old Navy, it's a knit material.

    7) Paris' Hiltons 'Fairy Dust' or Harajuku Lover 'Love' perfume.

    8) Socks and Underwear. No granny panties, or tube socks. Anklets and boyshorts or bikini cut.

    9) A new Bra... same one I have now. D from penningtons... DD from Walmart or anywhere else, DDD from Lasenza.

    10) Hair stuff, Mouse, Hairspray, Clips and Ponytails... more of those combthingeys that go with the bangs... idk what they're called.

    11) Clothes. Jeans or jogging pants, I hate Khaki pants. Hoodies, and t-shirts. Go for casual and cool.

    12) DVD's:
    - 8 Christmas Classics (I think they have it at walmart, with all the crazy old christmas movies, like Rudolph... love it.)
    - Season 1 of Gossip Girl
    - Season 1 of Desperate Housewive

    13) A new Bedset... soemthing blue, green, brown, or even purple. A combination of the first 3 colours would be great. Try not to go for something overly pink, or girly. I still want somethign soft and feminine though. Not as childish as the one I have now.

    14) New Pillows, mine aren't fluffy anymore.

    15) Mammoths in blue or purple.

    16) A Turtle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abigail View Post

    16) A Turtle.

    What!? Why do you want a turtle?

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