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Thread: How did you succeeded in wearing diapers

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    Default How did you succeeded in wearing diapers

    When you were a kid have you worn a diaper and succeeded (and have mom and dad accept you?)


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    As a kid I would always "barrow"diapers from visiting friends and neighbors. But from what I remember I never got caught and always hid then. I have had them mysteriously disappear which I think my parents found them but never said anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprcubbie View Post
    When you were a kid have you worn a diaper and succeeded (and have mom and dad accept you?)

    What makes you ask?

    The answer, for me: Well... yes! Sort of. I did wear diapers very often as a kid, but had zero interest in coming out to my parents. My diaper stash was always hidden (albeit sometimes poorly), and I only wore diapers in the privacy of my bedroom.

    Now, since your question reads suspiciously like a request for advice, I'll add: I don't think there are many good reasons to come out to one's parents. The solution to feelings of guilt is to try to get over them. Your parents really don't want to know about your wearing diapers, just as you'd probably rather not know what they do in their bedroom when the door is locked. The solution to financing diaper purchases is to get a job. I'm aware of a few cases where adult children who wear only by choice have convinced their parents to buy diapers for them. These people, and their parents, are an extreme minority. The solution to privacy is to move out. Being as you are (or should be!) 18 years of age or older, it's probably time to start thinking about embarking on that great voyage of independence, whether it takes you first to college, or straight into the Real World.

    Just sayin'. Good parents don't necessarily lie to their kids, but they do omit quite a few hard truths in an effort to make their kids' childhoods carefree and easy(-ish). Feel free to grant them a bit of blissful ignorance in return. They deserve it.

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    I think i have to agree with Cotton tail

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    my mom found out about my intrest in diapers the hard way and after attempting to explain it to her among tears and sadness it never got through to her but after I found a girl that could support this intrest and love me for that part of me my mom has started to not get irritated by the fact that I have diapers in my closet. She even sometimes makes casual pokes at my interest (no harmful stuff) same thing happened to me and a friend we had been friends for so long that she didn't know about this diaper side of me. I told her one day and she didn't really want to accept it. After researching it a little bit and things were cleared up she eventually started to understand and also pokes light fun at me

    Moral of the story.... Time and understanding is key.


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