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Thread: Who we are, or Allo there?

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    Default Who we are, or Allo there?

    PadderWoLf is just a pseudonym That I chose when first looking for a community t become part of.
    Vixxie is the name I go by, my mommy uses a another.
    I am the shy little cub side my mommy, I am let run when mommy can,and I help her where ever I can.
    Mommy is struggling to get her business off the ground. One day we hope to live as gypsies going from event to event. Some of the event I can even be let out sometimes.

    I am in diapers as I have a week bladder and tend to not notice I’ve wet, when I get out to play. They can be fun especially when I am felling extra cubbish. They’re sometimes annoying and I wish I could with out when I am out, playing. I also enjoy playing house with other cubs/ABDL’s, pretending to be their mommy, I just really like to help where I can.

    Mommy is a bit of a techie and works on leather commission for her business. She also writes a bit, mostly in a furry setting. She does not believe me that her stories are good and she should share. Her characters make me want to help them, I cry for them sometimes and smile when they finally have their happily ever after.
    If you want to know any more, Mommy is happy to explain/discuss things I don’t understand.

    Umm I want to meet people and discuss being cubbish and just things in general, I am rather shy but like making new friends to talk to. And me getting to talk to other cubs helps mommy understand me better, I think… I want mommy to be as happy as I am. I wish she did not worry so, and I don’t always calm her. We need accepting friends.

    Thank you for being here

    If you would like to know more please do ask either Vixxie or My self will do your best to explain.

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    Welcome to the forum. Im still a newbie myself, but youll be glad to know how friendly it is here. Im sure youll have as much fun as i do.

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