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Thread: Wearing a collar in the open

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    Question Wearing a collar in the open

    I am thinking about getting a color or making one. I would like to wear it out in the open because I love the Gothic clothing.

    Any of you wore your color out in the open?

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    Presuming you mean collar? I don't think you've found the secret to modifying the visible spectrum.

    Silly jokes aside, is fairly good for custom stuff, and they offer a lot of options, ranging from locking buckles to 20 types of gemstones.

    In regard to wearing it in the open, I'd personally never do it, but I doubt anything *too* bad can happen. Expect a large amount of disrespect from certain groups, though. (Namely older folks, and any sort of businessperson)

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    I've worn my collars out before. Worst I got was funny looks.

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    I've worn a dog (not a big leathery bondage) collar to school before. A few odd looks but nothing super extreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLPPebble View Post
    I am thinking about getting a color or making one. I would like to wear it out in the open because I love the Gothic clothing.

    Any of you wore your color out in the open?
    I'm not into collars myself but have you seen the leopard's blog?

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    I wore a chain collar for years, in the open, out of the open. Few ever gave me looks, they figure it was style.

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    I would probably only wear my collar in public if I'm on my motorcycle as it matches my jacket and chaps. I've seen more than my fair share of bikers with leather collars at bike nite. but yeah if you want to make your own leather collar for next to nothing, check out my blog. I havent figured out how to do the locking ones, but mine just uses a standard belt buckle.

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    only one public person has seen me in my collar. there was road construction (i like to wear my collar well driving) and the worker was stopping everyone to redirect them and when i first opened my car window i think i shocked him a bit but he just kept talking acting like it was nothing. so sure go ahead and wear one, just know you may get some looks but most people well not say anything about it.

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    I am planing on making my own color. I have a shop full of tools. Mostly hand tools but I have some table top stuff like a table top jig saw and drill press. I have a variable speed Dremel that needs to be looked at to see if it needs repairs. It likes to scream but I am just wondering if something in it just needs to be replaced.

    But yea I am looking into making my own studs, chains, and crosses out of metal parts and hangers. Thanks for the replies.

    I have out the wazoo of hobbies but I never get board LOL

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    I dont generally wear collars but My mommy does make collars and we know quite a few that wear their collars nearly 14/7

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