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Thread: Don't know if I am getting a good deal

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    Question Don't know if I am getting a good deal

    I am the highest bidder at the moment. I am also the only bidder so if there is another bid I plan on letting them go. On the other hand if I get them for the price I expect which is a little more than $40 I think I may be getting a deal.

    Although even if I bought diapers countless times before I still wonder about the price.

    64 Large Size Adult Diapers Plastic Outer Fitted Briefs Max Absorbency | eBay

    let me know if I am breaking a rule with a link to ebay. I won't post another.

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    If you got the shipping included in that price that would be a pretty good deal.

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    Relax you are getting a great deal as long as you don't have to up the bid by more than a few dollars.
    As of this posting there have been 42 hits on the auction site.
    Further research reveals (click on sellers other items) that he has sold these in the past with same bid as yours.
    He also has not had a great deal of success in moving his inventory.
    His FEEDBACK shows 100% and the auction winners have nothing but raves about his goods.
    So for the price you are getting good bang for the buck pound loony or whatever your country currency is !
    The shipping & handling is the killer - but what is new when it comes to shipping diapers about the country.
    If you are outbid wait around a day of two you might get a second chance offer for your bid or the seller may
    offer another auction of the same thing which his history indicates.

    An ebay buyer with 1300 winnings - at 100% - - -

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    I agree. That's a great deal.

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    Darn now if I had the money I would buy his other stuff up for auction.

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