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    Hi i'm from the UK and i'm curious about guys who dress up as foxes, wolfs and wear collars etc. Hope your all doing good.

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    Hi i'm from the UK and i'm curious about guys who dress up as foxes, wolfs and wear collars etc. Hope your all doing good.
    We're all fine, thank you for asking! How are you? I see this is your first post and you're interested in our "Furry" group discussions. Here is a section on adisc to get you started:

    There a several furries here to answer all your questions and help you become one, if you so desire. If you already are one, they will be more than willing to help you with you fursona.

    Otherwise, we are a support group and like to know more about each other. Do you have any other interests besides being or learning about furries?

    Again, welcome and we hope to see more posts from you soon!

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    Hey all,

    Thanks for your replies and hello to the bears as well, don't want anyone feeling left out :-). I'll take a look at the furry group discussions for sure. The main reason I came on here is because I have seen people online in nappies, collars, suits you name it over the years and I wondered why people did it so I have decided the only way to find out is by talking to people who do it rather than rely on an outsiders perspective written on some review after their "observations" if that makes sense. I've had a quick look round and everyone seemed friendly so I thought why not. I am from the UK.

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    Well, you have foxes over there but not so much bears or raccoons. I don't wear a collar, personally speaking, but have a strong affinity for my species. Idid want to dress up in a fursuit from somewhere around grade school, though back then didn't know anyone else had these kind of feelings, and certainly hadn't heard of fursuits or the people who wear them.

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    Here's a short documentary for you.
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    I liked that documentary, racoons look so cute but they are naturally vicious!

    I like foxes and I keep trying to get a picture of the one that lives in the bushes by my workplace, but it always runs off! I used to like Tails out of Sonic and Tails the video game.

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