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Thread: Back in nappies... yay!!!

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    Default Back in nappies... yay!!!

    I've been on holiday for the last 3 weeks with my wife and daughters, so no nappies for me!! I was starting to think that I could do without and had no real desire for the whole time we were away... I have just said goodbye to them and I am back in my apartment in France and the first thing I wanted to do was get padded.
    I find that strange, having not had any thoughts about nappies for 3 weeks... The desire to wear was very strong and I also needed to go the whole hog and wear my onesie, tights and dress and now I feel so safe and comforted.
    How can that be? I really thought I'd be able to walk away...

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    Nothing is always as it seems and the whole thing seems to be that you felt the urge as you were back home where you could be yourself

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    maybe it might be due to your mind being worked on other things for three weeks that it dint need the thought of padding and extras. but when you home it realeised that the holiday was over and you were back home and it missed the padding and that so it needed that cormfort and safety that goes with what you where wearing and it maybe a bit odd but theres nothing wrong with that yet i have had times when i dont think about paddig and AB stuff because my brain is busy.

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    Seriously, all the distractions on your vacation kept you from feeling your feelings...

    Anytime you have lots of distractions your feelings seem to be mitigated to some degree...

    This is IMHO the reason for addictions and thier behavior...

    Not that your an addict...but, distractions keep feelings contained, bottled up!

    I myself was an adreline junkie...from aerobatic airplanes, race cars, base jumping, mountain climbing...

    So, now your back home and the distractions are less and your true desires come back to the surface...and are even a bit over the top themself as well from being pushed down for a bit...

    I've experienced it lots of times...

    Just normal..l


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    The last 6 months have been a double edged sword for me, on one hand I have had my own apartment and privacy and been able to get padded when ever I want with no fear of exposure, or my daughters finding out... but on the other hand, I now see a lot less of my family, only weekends when I travel back to the UK...
    I am really worried about going home when this jobs finishes in December, I don't know how I'm going to be able to cope with not getting padded whenever I want... my wife knows about the AB side of me, but wants nothing to do with it, or me to be little around her, which I respect.

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    now I feel so safe and comforted.
    How can that be?
    Well for one thing, it might be a triggered response, and the trigger might be anything: a smell, a picture, anything. Maybe it's your libido: and being away from the wife your lust rears up looking for another direction. Could be you cycle; that's got to explain a lot of the binging and purging people go through. Or without other stimulus your mind seeks to relax, to be stress-free. I could come up with more theories but really you are the only one who could figure it out, you know yourself best.

    I get padded exactly when I feel like it; less frequently these days though that fluctuates. I don't when I don't feel the urge; my supply lasts longer. It's a turnon for me: but some of the time I prefer a different turnon,the printed page, my imagination, or video.

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