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    Hey Guys,

    I recently stumbled upon this awesome board. After reading a few posts I was forced to sign up, so here I am.

    I'm an average student from central Germany, spending most of my time at the University and doing sports.
    When I was about 12 I got interested in diapers which after some time transformed into being an Teenbaby/Adultbaby. My girlfriend knows about me being little and is okay with it.

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    hallo wie geht es dir ? Welcome to the forum i hope you enjoy your time here. man sieht sich. Leo

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    Hi there It's been a while since I've seen another German speaker here - your English is brilliant, by the way How's things going? Got any favorite sports? Bis bald

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    Thanks. I'm a little bit excited, having found such a cool board with so much stuff to read. I'm also posting on a german ageplay board, but it's mostly full of creepy guys.

    @Indianajones: Unlike most continental guys I'm not interested in soccer at all. I'm doing ballroom & latin dance, which consumes most of my time.

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