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Thread: Bad Songs You Secretly Love

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    Default Bad Songs You Secretly Love

    We all have them. Those songs we secretly love but we don't admit it to our friends for fear of losing their respect. Those songs that get played on the radio and everyone shouts out to turn it off while you're secretly begging inside your head to let it play on. Those embarrassing songs that are just dripping with such earnestness and sincerity they make people sick, yet they bring a tear to your eye. Those catchy jingle songs that have been played a million times to the point where people loathe them, yet you still love hearing them.

    The idea for this thread came to me when I was in HMV the other day and they were playing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham and I was starting to tap my feet and bounce along to the rhythm. I caught myself just in time and stopped before anyone saw me. Whew!

    I'll start with my choices and hope other people will have the courage to follow;

    SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH by Dan Hill (often referred to as Down Hill after this song).

    Fernando by Abba

    The aforementioned Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham

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    I like a lot of Justin Bieber's music. "As Long as you Love Me" is in my top 5 most played. I have like 7-10 of his songs on my android and I am always being careful to not let anyone go through my songs because I know I will get a lot of flak if my friends see it.

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    Anything that is from Selena Gomez. Also I have Victoria Justice, Demi Lavato and like 3 Miley Cyrus songs (from the old days of course). Also I have a lot of Cascada songs as well as a band called Groove Coverage. They're not bad songs, but they are really embarrassing should anyone find out.

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    Cool idea for a thread! I'm not embarrassed by my musical quirks, but there are a couple that fall into the ''you like, others hate category'' for me. One of them is Sometimes When We Touch! Another is Muskrat Love by the Captain and Tennille.

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    not really a bad song but oh god that video annoys the hell out of me. plus I (and others I know) associate this song with that god awful VMA opening performance this year. guilty pleasure.

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