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Thread: A Cool Thing Happened today!

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    Default A Cool Thing Happened today!

    So I stopped in at a random "medical supply store" today to ask if they had any diapers. It was a two person operation and they said they really only cater to large orders. I said that it was no problem, and that I was just looking for a single pack. The man in charge asked me what type and size I needed, and I told him size large briefs. He then said that he would just get me some. I thought he meant he would sell me some. He came out with a case of large Attends (3 packs of 24) and just said here you go. You can have them. I was shocked and told him that I would pay for them. He told me that he had received an incorrect shipment and that he didn't need them. My jaw dropped and though I was hesitant to accept them, he insisted! So we made some small talk and I was super appreciative, and that was that! Can you believe it? Has anything like this happened to you???

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    Your lucky day! Quick - go buy a lottery ticket! lol

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    wow lucky you.

    things ike that never happen to me lol.

    im kinda green with envy lols

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    Has anything like this ever happened to me? Someone throwing a ton of free diapers at me and insisting I take them? For free? Only in my dreams.

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    The diaper fairy was smiling on you today. Wish my diaper fairy would do the same.

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    Something like this has actually happened to me. When I first moved to Metro Detroit, my roommates didn't have internet at the apartment and didn't want to go in on it, so ordering online was nearly impossible. Instead, I found a local medical supply store, probably much like the OP describes, that sold Molicares. Over several months, they came to know me, and they eventually realized I was the only one buying the Molicares. When it came time for them to make their next big order, they decided to stop carrying the Molicares. Instead, they sold me the five packs that were left in the back room for $1 per pack because they were sick of moving them around.

    When I had my accident and needed medical supplies, I made sure to take my insurance-backed business to them.

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    I woldn't say he's THAT lucky, they are Attends after all... (I keed, I keed).

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