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    Default baby crib

    is there a way to modify a baby crib to support adult weight i weigh 250? maybe if you put a board in between the mattress and the springs

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    A baby crib isn't designed for that kind of weight. The main support structure of the crib won't support that kind of weight in the long run.

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    I'm not real sure of just how a weight a crib will hold. But a piece of thick plywood or OSB board would work good I would think. I wonder about the brackets that hold the springs will they even hold my weight 160. That would be the biggest worry. I will use the boards when I get my crib.

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    I don't think a board would work. It would take the strain off the springs, but the hardware holding the legs, rails, etc. together are probably not strong enough for an adult, much less adding a plywood board. You would probably need a ” thick plywood board to work and that adds some weight. Any thinner board used , would probably break.

    I haven't taken a good, close look at cribs in a long time. It MAY be possible to build a box that fits exactly under a crib that supports all of the cribs weight, but I am not sure that is possible.

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    Default has nice cribs but I just don't have the room for one.

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    I did a quick search...

    Plenty of adults have climbed into thier kids crib...without it breaking...

    Also looks like 50# is about middle of weight limit posted... Go figure!

    I've never been in a crib except during a hospital stay as a toddler...

    So, looks like they will support mothers, but, 250# might be over the top...

    I remember a long time ago with a different gf...the crib started out as a bunk bed...head and foot was already slatted...

    Anyhow, yes I was that bored!


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    I would say it depends on the crib more than anything. I was in a thrift store a few weeks ago and I saw a crib there that looked sturdy. I went and gave it a shake and it was a very solid construction. I have no doubt it would have safely held my 165lbs and I would guess it would have taken more than 200 to even notice a strain. This was a new construction crib without drop sides. Of course it was too small to be of use but I was impressed by how well it was put together.

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    I think it depends on the thickness of the wood used in making the crib. I am 170 lbs. and have the cheapest crib Wal-Mart makes and it holds me just fine. So with a little more money on a better crib I feel sure there's one out there that can support your weight!

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    Would be ideal to have one custom built if it were less than about 1000$ .... Happily I can use our baby crib, sturdy but feel like a bit fragile for my 70kg. Can just calmly sleep in it

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