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Thread: Bambino Teddies vs. Regular

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    Default Bambino Teddies vs. Regular

    So I'm finally getting my privacy back for a while! I'm going to be on my own for a couple of weeks, so I figured: what better way to celebrate than by ordering some Bambinos?

    I wanted to order the Bellissimos, but the Canadian distributor can't ship them until Sept. 17th, which is a bit late for me. So my two choices I'm mulling are the original version and the Teddies.

    Is there any difference in comfort or performance between the two diapers? I like the look of both of them, but if one works better or is softer than the other, that'd help me make my choice.

    Any input is helpful! Thanks!

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    From what I recall and hear there's really no difference asides the prints.

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    They are exactly the same diaper. Only the printed panel is different.

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    In that case get the teddy bears because the other one isn't as cute at all, is it?? I always thought the classic one was kind of aesthetically lacking! I guess the teddy bears could be construed as more boyish for your LG needs, but lots of LGs have teddy bears, too. (I've got one!)

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    They are the same just different prints. But I think the Bellissimos are a little thicker than the other ones. Over a year ago the Teddy use to be louder. But now I think they all have the same plastic. For me both diapers are good.

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    As Lestat said, the Teddies are supposedly slightly more absorbent and softer. From Bambino's site itself:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bambino
    The new Teddy is constructed on the same chassis as our Classico and Bianco diapers but with a skosh more absorbency and comfort.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your input! Based on this, I think it'll have to be the Teddies. Either way, I'm excited for my first AB diapers!

    And yes,the teddy bears are a little boyish...but hey, that's what dresses are for, right?

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    I use and love Classico, teddies and bellissimo. The latter two are thicker and provide more comfort, keep these for night.

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