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    hi there everyone! I'm not sure if there is already a topic on this and I'm sorry if there is!

    I'm looking into buying myself a bottle and/or a dummy! however since I live at home and cannot order adult size online I need to buy baby products. does anyone know the best type for an adult? I live in the UK so UK brands only please!!

    thank you!

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    When it comes down to bottles, i find that the largest baby bottles in the store work great for me, however pacifiers are not like that because they have the front guard that keeps the teat pulling outward on your mouth so it never really sits right unless you have a larger adult size teat. Usually you just need to get a Nuk 5 for that. As for the Bottles though, you should find that a regular bottle works just fine. I have one that has the air intake on the bottom of the bottle and the nipple on the top, seems to be my favorite one.

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    Baby bottles re fine might need to open the hole in the nipple a little . Paci's look for the biggest they have

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    As other posters have said - any baby bottle should be ok. You will probably want to open the nipple hole a bit to get a faster flow. You can do that with a toothpick. I have used a hole punch for leather (using the smallest hole punch) and that has worked for me.

    For the pacifier, I suggest getting the largest size that you can fine in the local store. Some people here like the smaller pacifiers better than the adult NUK-5. They are not that expensive, so try it. If it works fine, if not, at least you now know it. Note: You may be able to find larger size pacifiers in medical supply stores.

    Good luck.

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    For UK Dummies the only size 3 you can easily pick up is the MAM 12m+ available at ASDA stores (this is the German/Austrian MAM 16m+ renamed so its quite big!)
    You can get the Tommee Tippee biggest size 9-18m in loads of places but its not a true size 3 as its age range finishes where most of the size 3's start from (16m+ 18m+ etc). It is quite big though but a bit soft/flimsy I find.

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    NUK size 3 dummies are big enough, compared to other brands, both silicone and latex variants.

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    You should get a MAM pacifier over NUK. I find that the NUK's are too small to comfortably stay in my mouth unless I'm focused on keeping it there, but the MAMs 6+ months size fits perfectly for me.

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    Well one, Nuks are NOT widely available in the UK. I have found them in ONE store and that is the Disney store, so not even then normal Nuks. I have NEVER seen a size 3 Nuk over here.

    Mam is good for bottles, pick the design you like and then just buy extra nipples in the oldest age you can find. That's what I did. Mam pacifiers are one of my favorites too. 6months+ is fine but as one poster said ASDA carry the 12+ which are even better. Other than that, as long as it's 6months+ or preferably bigger, get whatever you find comfortable.

    I tried loads before I got comfortable with Mams. I have a bit of a collection, and actually find the paci's at the pound shops to be my favourite style. They are cheap enough that you can get a few kinds to try out I totally recommend a sippy cup too!! ASDA have a great collection and TESCO's too. TESCO's have recently brought out a new range of own brand 12+ adorable pacifiers, they are so cute!! I couldn't resist and have 3 ^^'

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