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Thread: Toy Collections?

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    Unhappy Toy Collections?

    Does anyone here collect any toy or figure related?

    I've always been the type to collect things - I fear I might end up a hoarder in a few years - and I've recently got into doll collecting. Right now I'm staying away from Barbie's because that's a headache within itself; there are just too many. American Girl is cute but too expensive for my liking. I'm sticking to Monster High, My Little Pony (G1 and G3), and Living Dead Dolls right now. Figurines are good too though; Precious Moments in particular spikes my fancy.
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    I collect:

    Hasbro NERF and BuzzBee Toy Guns
    Matchbox and Hot Wheel's Toy Cars & Trucks
    Diecast Construction Vehicles
    12" G.I. Joe Soldiers

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    Tonka Trucks. Sand box toys.

    My mom has the barbie Fairy-tale collection.

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    I use to have a huge collection of TY Beanie Babies. In the 90s and early 00s they were suppose to be worth a lot in the future, which is never going to happen anymore lol. They were really cute and cuddley. I had about 350 of them, I ended up donating all of them to the US Army. They send care packages to soldiers stationed around the world and put teddy bears in the packages.

    The other thing I collected a lot of were wrestling dolls, I was thinking about maybe getting back into that.

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    i don't collect things like that. but im huge on collecting cards like yugioh cards and pokemon cards. i have thousands of them

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    I have a very large collection of Bionicle figures. They are all sitting in a big glass display case in my man cave.

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    I have:

    Avengers figures
    Various Anime character figures (more for display than anything)

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    I still have my Hot Wheels from 68 & 69 and a large collection of glass insulators but they've been packed away for the last 20 years awaiting liquidation. Currently I'm more into things I can use, Bike motors, Generators, pumps and tractors. I have a large vintage to current diaper collection I'm debating whether to use up or sell off. I recently donated all of my extensive VHS collection but retain a respectable DVD/Blu-ray library. As I age I seek to unclutter my life and hold on to only the most important & useful items.

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    I'm no good with collections. I mean, yeah, I luvs toys. But, I wanna play with 'em, not keep 'em in their packages, for only looking at.

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