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Thread: Event: Alberta Diaper Camp

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    Default Event: Alberta Diaper Camp

    Just got back from the second diaper camp of the year. Here's the wrap-up. Short version: everyone had a good time, nobody got hurt, food was both good and plentiful. We had couples and singles, ab's and at least one pure dl (me), three babyfurs, and more than one female. Mostly tents and trailers, one slept in his suv. The fashion show was pretty cool with satin diaper covers, short cocktail dresses (higher than the knee so the diaper is visible) and lots of ruffles and lace. Shortalls and sleepers were popular. Last camp saw me in just a disposable & plastic pants, this time I was mostly in knee-length shorts with an obvious bulge at the middle... I also wore jeans on occasion, or my plain blue sleeper.

    Amenities: actual showers, outhouses, full household current... and a shed/bar with fridges, one of them with a keg and external tap. Internet available ( one guy with a laptop/smart phone/unlimited data.

    2 new faces, a babyfur and an ab. We got on inflatables and floated down the Red Deer River, which is fairly fast and often shallow. Any questions? more info here

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    Hey any information on where this was at and if there is a website with info on it. This sounds like fun

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    Sounds Great. one could feel good about being themselves there.

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    Over here (UK), I haven't heard of any "camps" like this. I'd kind-of like to go on one, if I could (shame I can't leave the house on extended leave, at this point in time)

    The most similar thing that I know of in the UK is the ABC club in London (some say it's alright, others creepy), and the National Nappy Meets organised by AB Jane. I've never been to either, and it looks like a no-go at present.

    This camp does look pretty cool

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    It was great. Everyone felt free to just be themselves, I know I did. It was great both getting to know some familiar faces better as well as some new ones. I apologize for being deliberately circumspect with exact details about the location and personal info about the other attendees... but I can say this: the site all the attendees have in common is Fetlife; It's geared up for arranging live events, from one-on-one types to large gatherings. Use Alberta/ abdl/ageplay as search terms to find groups to join there; by using that site for event listings and arrangements we have no reason to use (misuse) Adisc for getting together

    - - - Updated - - -

    Let's see... I can add that it was held on private land, and had reasonable access from the highway. Technically speaking, it involved camping but I would not say we were exactly "roughing it." I am not sure exactly what else I should add, and I welcome your questions... The event wasn't a free-for-all orgy full of changing each other and sex with strangers; it wasn't a singles event to mix and mingle with strangers either. Naturally those who came in couples coupled, and did all the things ab couples do together, including things done in the seclusion of the "changing area," which was walled off. Oh yeah, it was totally LGBT-friendly, with campers of the usual variety of preferences. Hmmm Oh yeah, lucky persons ended up going home with the usual wide assortment of exotic diapers; I personally have had my mitts on Fabines, all the Bambino types, Wellness, Molicares and Kendalls at this and previous camps.

    I can say also that while security can't be absolute, measures existed in case of accidental or evil-minded party-crashers: easy access lest ambulances or cops be needed. Other measures were in place that I won't detail, but they gave us all a decent feeling of protection.

    This was a not-for-profit event; I'm not promoting a commercial enterprise, which could be against Adisc rules.

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    Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe a US one will happen some day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe a US one will happen some day.
    We get folks from out of province; out of country would not be at all shocking in the future.

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    Yay!, I haven't been to Canada yet, it might be good for a week to go, with appropriate notice of course but I'd love to go to one of these events

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    We are in the process of confirming dates for next years campout. Like this year we are planning on 3 extended weekends (Thursday to Tuesday) during the summer with the first one being on the May long weekend.

    If anyone knows Alberta, the campsite is close to Red Deer. It is on private land with the owners themselves being AB/DLs. That gives everyone an idea approximately where the camp is located. We have people coming from both Calgary and Edmonton so for people flying in, they can easily be picked up from the International airport. We have had in the past a couple people come up from the States.

    As Raccoon has posted, if you want more information search fetlife for Alberta Littles or go to our site at Alberta Littles - Home (Fetlife is used more right now for events). We also hold monthly meetups in both Edmonton and Calgary.

    I will also state even though this is a 18+ website now, but this campout is only for people 18+.

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