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Thread: Daddies/Mommies who you aren't romantically involved with..

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    Question Daddies/Mommies who you aren't romantically involved with..

    How common are they? It seems like almost everyone has a romantic, or at least sexual, bond with their 'parent'. On that matter, how about non-dom/sub ones?

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    i'm a mommy to my best friend. nothing sexual or romantic there; just a very strong friendship

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    I don't know how common they are but that's how it is with me and my little one. I'm not sure how practical it is to expect that a relationship will never progress beyond that. There is a lot of intimacy involved and voluntary intimacy and attachment can lead to other feelings in healthy adults. Relationships can be tricky, and this is a kind that you can't usually get knowledgeable advice on from just anyone. There are few reference points. We just have to proceed as best we can, trying to do the best for everyone involved.

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    I agree with Cary Grant there above me. *Reads under his avatar* I mean I agree with !CaryGrant above me. I thought I was going into a friendly AB roleplaying thing with someone and seriously it didn't take many sessions (this is even over the internet and not IRL) before I started getting deeper feelings than friendship or caregiving nurture. This was even without sexual tones or undertones. When we talked about it later, we realized we were maybe both a little naive to not realize that roleplaying in that way would lead to huge amounts of affection and thus desires for a deeper relationship.

    Therefore, I'd have to say I'm not sure it really works based on the amount of affection involved. In my case, though, I'm pretty glad it ended up leading me to more!

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    I think it would depend on each person.

    For me I would want a parent child relationship. NO sex.

    A Brother , Brother or Sister Brother Relationship.

    Sex is something that if it is there OK if it is not that is just as well.

    Relationships for me are built on friendship or love. Sex comes latter at all.

    When I am in my baby side I do not think of sex at all, that is something big people do, not little kids.

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    Similar to what Frogsy said, it's sort of a Catch-22 in my mind. To not have romantic feelings develop, you'd have to not build up emotional intimacy. But big/little roleplay is all about emotional intimacy!

    When you share something like AB roleplay with someone, you're becoming very vulnerable. You're baring a very deep secret you may never have shared with anyone else - not just that you're an AB or a caregiver, but your specific desires and interests - your little "personality", as it were. It's very hard not to build a very deep emotional connection from sharing oneself so personally.

    I think this leads to romantic relationships as you get to know the person behind the baby. That is an adult you're roleplaying with after all, and one who's OK with this big, dark secret you've been carrying around. Actually, one who likes the big, dark secret! If you get along as individuals, it's not surprising that a close friendship combined with common ABDL interests could lead to romantic interest. Now, romance may not be the result if you don't really get along as adults...but if that were the case, why would you want to continue the AB roleplay? I think you kind of have to like each other for it to be meaningful.

    So overall, I think roleplaying can easily lead to deeper interests. In fact, looking back on my own experience, I'd be surprised to see someone sustain a big/little relationship for a long time and not have romantic feelings appear. It'd be really hard not to! And those who do experience this are quite fortunate, I'd say!

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    It depends on what each person is seeking from the relationship. Some will want to be romantically involved, some won't. Personally, if I had a daddy I would want a sexual relationship with him as well, but not with a mommy, because I'm straight.

    But like the others are saying, when you're sharing such a special bond with someone it's quite possible to want to go further. But just because someone is a suitable caregiver doesn't automatically make him or her a suitable romantic partner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen View Post

    Sex is something that if it is there OK if it is not that is just as well.

    Relationships for me are built on friendship or love. Sex comes latter at all.

    When I am in my baby side I do not think of sex at all, that is something big people do, not little kids.

    I was actually trying to find the words to explain my feelings for relationships when my mommy and I were talking about me getting a girlfriend. This is how I feel about relationships and as a little I would rather not have any sexual relationship, its just not something that really interests me...

    On another note my mommy is up there ^^^ (erikabeebee)

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    I by no means have a large amount of data or anything close, but it seems to me the amount of non-romantic parent/baby relationships is fairly low, non-sexual but romantic there are probably a lot more.

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    I don't think I would be able to handle having a mommy/daddy that I wasn't romantically involved with. There's just too much intimacy involved for me to be able to regress for me to trust most people with that part of me. I don't think I would be able to trust someone that much without having romantic feelings toward them.

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