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Thread: When did you know?

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    Default When did you know?

    I've been intrigued by the whole diapered furry concept for a while now but I'm not sure that I'm into it as much as I just find it interesting. Maybe I'll find out down the road but I am curious. When did you realize you were diaper furs or baby furs?

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    I've had an infatuation with diapers for as long as I can remember. Not long after having personal access to the internet, about a decade ago now, I learned of 'furry' by coming across the Furtopia forums and my identifying myself as such developed from there. I've dipped my toes in and out of the furry community since.

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    I just connected my interest with diapers with my interest in animals.

    With the babyfur thing, I just think cubs are cute period.

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    It grew on me I enjoyed doing Wetting so, I tried to socialise with Diaper/Babyfurs and that's how I got into it, and it made me feel more comfortable knowing a certain friend is also into this.

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    I was a diaper lover first and furry second. I always enjoyed wearing and eventually was exposed to the furry fandom. At first I rejected it until I went to my first furcon and embraced the furry. I always just associated my fursona with myself so it only seemed natural that I was a babyfur/diaperfur.

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    Got curious in late 2003 or 2004, later that year I actually got into it and have been to this day.

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    Interesting question. Been DL since forever, I guess my species fixation has been since late grade school... I didn't really "register" in the furry fandom until I came across it maybe around 2000 or so... but I had "furry thoughts" like imagining being fursuited at least since around grade 4. Back then there was no fandom that was known of, at least among the general public. Kids have dressed up in costume forever of course so individuals must have been into fursuiting; but "class consciousness" among fursuiters or at least fans of the art and literature hit my own awareness with the internet.

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