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    I thought of an idea. Something that could fulfill anyone's diaper fantasy and finally allow us to have a pack or case of our dream diapers. This is a currently untapped market by the AB/DL disposable companies and they could make a killing off of this idea and make a ton of AB/DLs very happy in the process. Bambino, ABU, Cuddlz, and the newcomer, AwwSoCute could start producing custom order disposables for us *B/DLs. For example, want adult size replicas of the late 80s and early 90s gender specific Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies? no problem, send in a custom order and they will be made! Want plastic backed foreign diapers or replicas of foreign baby diapers? Send in that order! This could also be used for adult diapers that aren't made anymore. Want the classic P&G blue tape Attends? The Plastic backed US TENAs? the old green Depends? or even hoe about the old plastic backed Abena Delta forms or any of the older Abri Form designs? Just send the order and a sample, pack, or case will be made! The possibilities are endless! This could be a lucrative market for the *B/DL product companies that they should capitalize on and tap into. To pass this idea up would be a missed opportunity for them.

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    Oh, it's doable, sure - it's just that each custom design will cost you about $20,000 or so, as that's about how much it would cost to re-tool the machines to make the designs you want (assuming you want more than just a different print-design, but other things like material cut, scent, material components: e.g. more or thicker leg elastic, coloured waistbands, etc). You can trust that the people at ABU, Bambino, etc are trying their hardest to create as faithful reproductions as possible, but so far what we've got is the best anyone can do, and that's the way it is.

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    There are factories that can make any diaper you want if you are willing to order a whole shipping container full of them. I doubt the machinery exists that would make a production run of just a few cases economically viable.

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    There's a reason change is slow in the AB/DL diaper market, it's expensive to make any adjustment to products. Even a simple tape color change can be a matter of $0.03 per diaper, which doesn't seem that large, until you're ordering 80,000 units.

    The only way anyone is going to ever get "Custom" Diapers is if they produce a blank white diaper, and sell taping panels that are shaped to the diaper, as well as some sort of apparatus to hold the diaper perfectly flat while applying such a thing.

    Basically, while it's a novel idea, it's highly unlikely to be feasible.

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