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    10 years ago there was a very comprehensive (albiet, French-language) website featuring in-depth reviews of adult diapers, being a European site they covered brands there more than others, but a fair few American and East-Asian brands also made an appearance - the site was You can see a snapshot of it on the Internet Archive:

    The site had high-resolution photos of the packaging and the diapers themselves, including measurements of thickness and appearance when worn, and 5-star ratings of absorbency, appearance, comfort and babyness. Some reviews even had videos of him urinating in them (strictly for science!)

    The founder of that site added mandatory logins around 2006 shut it down sometime in 2008 before starting in 2009 - only a few photos of the original diaper-reviews remain as poster-frames for the brand albums on DiaperBook.

    ...but it had me thinking: has anyone tried anything like it since? I know Adisc tried its wiki, and has its review section, but it's horribly disorganised and not curated at all - and what little number of photos there are tend to be potato-camera quality if not 404'd.

    A few years ago I had grand-designs of recreating that site, so much in-fact that I started methodologically photographing every diaper I came across - I still have them, locked-away on a HDD on a bookshelf in my parents house, but I wonder if there might ever be a time to actually do something with it.

    Any thoughts, or do you know of anything done since?

    EDIT: How foolish of me, I just found this thread:

    UPDATE 2:

    I'll add that a problem with a few of the diaper-review sites I have come across is the lack of organisation: many people don't seem to grasp the idea that a brand (e.g. Tena) isn't the same as a manufacturer (SCA), and they often seem ignorant of market differences (e.g. how Tena North America is entirely different to Tena EU).

    I've also been looking at vintage Pampers diapers on eBay out of morbid curiosity, and found in the early-1990s they had a bewildering array of SKUs ("Ultra", "Regular", "Newborn > Infant 1/2 > Crawler > Walker", Boy vs. Girls, Stretch, etc) - it's no wonder they massively simplified things by 1998. But this is just one example of how complicated a product database can be.

    I could build such a review site if people wanted it, but I'd need a lot of contributions from others - and also I'm not keen on having this on my current hosting account (I use Windows Azure), but whatever

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    I think we need a review site, styled like this one: xpmedical nappy reviews =^.^=

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    May I direct you to our current articles section, and particularly the diaper reviews section? (found here)

    Since April/May this year Fruitkitty and Geno have come up with a standard template for diaper reviews in order to improve the general quality and to standardise them for easy comparison. Currently this includes pictures of the diaper when folded and unfolded; measurements of the thickness (dry and wet), length, width at tapes, width at centre and of padding; tests for how absorbent they are and how they fare in average day to day usage; as well as some other information. You can look at the full template of how to do one here.

    The number of reviews in this format is still small at the moment but it's growing. If you want to write one get in contact with Fruitkitty and Geno. Likewise if you think there are some useful pieces of information that should be added to the standard review format I'm sure they would welcome suggestions.

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