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Thread: Pacifiers?

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    Default Pacifiers?

    So first of all, pardon my ignorance, I'm not an AB, just curious about something. Are your pacifiers baby pacifiers or are they made for adults? Just wondering... And do you or don't you like baby pacifiers? Why?

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    Mine are all adult, either NUK 5's or 7's mostly from pacifiers r us. Baby paci's are to small for most adults mouths and are hard on the teeth and jaw.

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    nuk 5s look too big to me, and i use baby dummys which are a bit small but the idea of a nuk 5 freaks me out a lil because it seems to be too big for me!

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    Baby pacifiers are made to fit a baby's mouth.. i think the biggest ive seen are maybe 24 months (which would be 2 years but i for the life of me cant figure out why people choose to speak in terms of months >_<)

    I sometimes use baby ones cuz they're cheaper and cute. I have 2 adult baby ones with a bigger teat that is comfortable enough for an adult, but those can be a bit pricey

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    NUK makes size 1 for infants, size 2 for babies, size 3 for toddlers, size 4 for children & size 5 for adults. (The "6" and "7" are not actually NUK brand but are custom-made for Pacifiers R Us by an independent company.)

    If you haven't been spoiled on a Nuk 5 yet (lol), it's perfectly reasonable to try out Nuk 2 or 3's or whatever you can find inexpensively, to see if you like it. You'll get the idea, although they won't be very comfortable for long-term use or for much 'active' sucking.

    I wanted to try a pacifier without putting too much money into it and after much deliberation I bought some Nuk 3's on Amazon for $6. As it turned out, I loved them! I ended up getting a pretty Nuk 5 for about $27 and I love it even more. No regrets.

    I don't consider myself an "Adult Baby" either. I'm much more in the age territory of "child" and it is also quite a personal/important/spiritual thing for me, not sexual or whatnot. Letting my little out is a way for me to embrace and care for myself in ways that are usually neglected. For instance, yesterday my S/O was watching Jurassic Park, and it must have jolted me back to some memory -- that movie came out when I was 3 so I don't know when I first saw it, but it left an impression and I still find it terrifying. I ended up spending most of the evening peeking over my teddy bear with my paci in my mouth.

    It's just a comfort thing for me, it just feels good -- I want something in my mouth to play and fiddle with. It's much the same comfort I used to get from eating or chewing gum constantly, only a lot healthier.

    BTW I think 5's only look so large because they're nearly always attached to regular baby-pacifier shields. (the outside part that covers your mouth) If the shield was sized up to match the teat, it wouldn't look so weird and bulky. It doesn't FEEL bulky when it's in my mouth.

    However, if someone really thinks they have an unusually small mouth and that the 5 will be too big, they can just get a 4.

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    I comfortably use a Mam 6+ months pacifier. I have a Nuk 5 but find it too large, and don't like the shape of the nipple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    Won't baby pacifiers mess up your teeth?
    The orthodontic/"therapeutic" ones are designed not to damage your teeth or bite. Using the correct size will help, obviously, but unless you use it a huge amount of the time (and I mean, a lot of folks sleep with them in, so I'm talking CONSTANTLY) it shouldn't matter. Lots of people report no problems, even after using them for years.

    The biggest problem you're likely to find with baby binkies is they're not as comfortable as proper-sized ones. But they're a heck of a lot better than a thumb if you're not into thumbs, and they're a WHOLE lot better than nothing.

    I have to admit, I'm gettin' real curious about this thread ...

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    Just curious... Never afraid of trying new things but I'm seriously not an AB. I just don't want to regress and don't like those clothes... It's just not my thing, I'm more of a DL, I definitely have a sexual interest in diapers...

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